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LinkedIn is the go-to social platform for B2B brands. Whether you’re aiming to attract new clients, secure a dream job, or build your professional network, optimising your LinkedIn page can make a significant difference. However, with millions of brands competing, simply showing up isn’t enough. In this article, we’ll share...

Aly Johnson Head of Content

As a brand, your success lies in connecting with relevant target audiences and winning their loyalty. While Facebook remains the dominant platform for getting in front of Millennials, TikTok is the go-to place to capture Gen-Z audiences. While TikTok began as a platform where users could upload videos and entertain...

Hannah O'neill SEO Copywriter

If you want to compete against other brands in your sector and be able to scale your online marketing strategy, maximising your ROI is a no-brainer—but it’s easier said than done. One common issue brands usually face is failing to secure a positive ROI from their digital marketing efforts. But,...

Aly Johnson Head of Content

As Bill Gates once said, content is king. Despite the many changes between 1996 and today, he was right; content marketing is still integral to any digital strategy. It aligns with numerous techniques, including SEO and PPC, while building relationships with audiences.

Hannah O'neill SEO Copywriter

Technology and consumer behaviours mean the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and diversify. Businesses that stay updated with these changes can look forward to long-term growth—those that don’t often find themselves flailing against never-ending waves of change.

Aly Johnson Head of Content

TLDR: According to Matt Diggity, CEO and Founder at Diggity Marketing, social media activity can affect SEO rankings. The Yandex ‘leak’ which revealed 1922 search ranking factors, highlighted two ranking factors which related to traffic from social media. (Yes, Yandex isn’t Google, BUT it reportedly functions in a very similar way.) Here’s...

Hannah O'neill SEO Copywriter

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