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How To Create Better Content With AI: The Definitive Guide

Daniel Foley Carter Director at Assertive

How AI will revolutionise and change how the SEO industry works.

Daniel Foley Carter Director at Assertive

Marketing Fun Facts With winter now well and truly behind us, we thought we’d have a bit of fun here at Assertive Media and update our research of the fun facts about SEO, Online Marketing and the World Wide Web.

Daniel Foley Carter Director at Assertive

Survey Results from BrightLocal According to an article published on Search Engine Land on August 25th by Myles Anderson, results from BrightLocal have suggested that 87% of Potential Customers Won’t Consider Businesses With Low Ratings. This means that local businesses should be doing their best to obtain higher ratings. But,...

Daniel Foley Carter Director at Assertive

A day in the life of an ‘Apple Watch Wearing Work From Home Mum’ After kindly being bought the Apple watch as a gift I thought it was about time I used it to its full potential rather than just to announce “Look my butterfly flutters!” to anyone that asks...

Daniel Foley Carter Director at Assertive

Progressive Web Apps and Who Should Be Using Them To understand what a progressive web app is let’s have a look at its makeup.  It is essentially no different to a normal website, it has HTML, JavaScript and CSS and it lives in the browser.  The difference between a progressive web...

Daniel Foley Carter Director at Assertive

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