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Assertive utilises artificial intelligence & smart marketing automation to deliver powerful content marketing services for businesses looking to push their content further.

If you want organic traffic increases of 100%+, more engaged visitors, more people searching your brand, more external links from highly authoritative resources, more sales/enquiries, then get in contact with us.

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We’ve helped businesses across lots of different niches to significantly increase content reach, increase website visitors, engagement and sales.

Our content marketing services take businesses much further online. With billions of websites out there, it’s hard to stand out.

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Assertive is the #1 healthcare SEO agency

For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in


Craft Irish Whiskey Co

Assertive design and built a new website for the Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Because of the kinds of clientele buying the product, the website had to scream quality, high-end look & feel and had to maintain key UX factors. The goal was to generate more leads for their whiskey products.

The guys at Assertive did a good job with the new website – we’ve definitely seen an uplift in leads with the new website – pleased.

Client Name – Jay Bradley, Owner

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co is a high-end luxury whiskey brand based in Ireland.

Our Content Writing Services

 Like any successful digital marketing channel, content has a place in all channels. Assertive creates good content that is then distributed far & wide, often delivering significant traffic increases.

Content Planning

Assertive start your content marketing campaign with content planning & specific business, niche, and model research. We formulate a content plan on the back of an array of diverse search criteria, hot content topics, long-term engaging reads & competitor research. All content plans are fully bespoke.

Concepts & Designs

Assertive produces concepts and designs for use as content or as part of content. From graphics to infographics, our team of in-house designers will produce various concepts to complement written articles. We pride ourselves for outstanding creative works which have helped to drive powerful & engaging content marketing campaigns.

Content Copywriting

As part of our digital service coverage, we have an in-house team of professional copywriters who can produce content that works, that engages, connects & keeps visitors reading more. Our copywriters work closely with our SEO team to identify long-tail keyword opportunities to substantially increase organic reach over time, alongside keyword integration we look at also look at keyword variation.

Content Promotion & Outbound Marketing

Upon approval, content heads straight through our outbound door to be promoted, shared and distributed. We work with large content networks, journalists, outreach specialists & content marketing platforms to deliver your content further. Our campaigns are highly successful and often lead to significant traffic growth, engagement, better organic rankings in Google & much more.

Examples of Our Work

Not sure how content marketing relates to your business? how it could help your business reach more people online?  Content marketing just works, whether you are B2B or B2C, whether you offer a product, service or information, everything can be pushed much further with the right form of content advertising.

How Many Calories Are Found In Meat?

Whether you’re aiming for more muscle or to simply keep in shape, you will be conscious of the content of the foods you eat. If you’re serious about fitness and staying healthy you should be well aware of the expression…

Prepare Yourselves, Robots Will Soon Replace Doctors In Healthcare

At the company’s big event this year, Apple introduced us to a handful of new features designed for the next generation smartwatch that is ready to function as your new fitness guru….

Read the full article…..

Our SEO Brands

How much does Content Marketing Cost

Content marketing costs vary wildly depending on the type of business you operate, your target audience, product/service & your objectives. We charge by the hour and can provide tailored quotes for content marketing campaigns to fit your companies needs.  

Strengthen Your Brand

Building brand is absolutely key for any marketing campaign, helping to nurture brand awareness can help drive growth YoY. An intensive, well planned, strategic content campaign can not only generate more traffic, it can also contribute towards a strengthened brand image. Fundamentally, in crowded marketplaces, brand helps to segment portions of marketplace traffic.

Create and Engage

We’re talking about creating premium content that ticks all of the boxes from thought leadership to emotive connection. There’s one thing we’ve known how to do amazingly from the start, and that’s produce content that you simply will want to read. We’re tactical, pushing the boundaries out on content ideas to do something different, something unique, something that will set your brand aside from the rest.

Better Organic Performance

Exceptional content will also drive strong ranking growth. Expect to see more keyword visibility, more long-tail traffic, better rankings & better overall visibility. Our content ranks & is highly sustainable, ranking for many years thanks to exceptional engagement. There’s no doubt about it, our content will deliver – above and beyond expectation.

We’ve seen a 90% increase in organic just off the back of a content strategy alone. The results have been exceptional as well as generating an ROI.

– Status Wholesale

Why Work With Us?

We’re Specialised

Our copywriters are highly specialised, having written for a minimum of 5-10 years for many medium & large brands. Our content writers also cover regulated industries, producing content to exceptional standards. Our writer panel covers almost every niche.

We Deliver

Assertive can deliver premium quality content in almost any required quantity. Our scalable services can provide your business with copy to meet your deadlines.  Outputs can be tailored from project inception, choose your content, delivery and time-frame & let us worry about the rest.

Content That Engages

Content needs to engage, it needs to attract and retain. Good content should be to the point, thorough, informative, thought led, dynamic, exciting. Our content engages end users, it works, it delivers strong ranking growth organically & delivers. Increased engagement benefits channels such as organic.

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Strong Website Traffic Growth

Content Strategy & Organic Growth

We’ve helped businesses to grow organic traffic profiles just on the back of a content strategy alone. Using nothing more than high quality, long-form articles we’ve been able to drive traffic growth in as little as 3-6 months.

See our case studies to see how our content creation has led to strong organic growth for companies in retail, commerce, finance, travel, fitness & more.