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Specialists at pay per click on Bing Ads and Google Ads, Assertive can set up and manage a campaign to create more ROI & revenue for your business.

Since its initial release, Microsoft’s platform Bing has been working hard to increase its user base by providing exceptional features, especially when it comes to PPC management and optimization. 

Assertive recognizes this fact and thus provides support through a dedicated team of certified professionals with years of experience to ensure the success of each campaign, and cost-effective ad spend that will not hurt your pocket even with extensive campaigns across all its channels.

Hiring a full-service Bing Ads Management agency can be advantageous to your online presence. It’s no secret that Google currently holds the largest market share of search engine users worldwide, but there are many businesses that still rely on Bing to generate revenue.

 Bing also commands a sizable share of daily searches. Its pay-per-click services have 17 % of the market cornered. Therefore, you miss out on loads of traffic and customer engagement opportunities if you don’t run Bing search engine ads.

If you have yet to expand your ad campaign to Microsoft’s search engine platform or if you have a Bing Ads account that you need some help managing, then hiring a full-services ad agency could be the best solution.

Moreso, it’s not that challenging to get started with Bing ads. But it pays to have a PPC specialist in your corner. Assertive can be your Bing ads agency regardless of whether you’re getting started, remarketing ads, or want to finesse your ad campaign for better search results.

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Clients We Work With

Clients across the UK and Globally trust Assertive to deliver their marketing strategies & campaigns. Some of our clients include:

Bing PPC Advertising Case Study

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Justerinis & Brooks

Assertive was to help Justerini’s with on-site and off-site SEO whilst rebuilding and re-structuring the PPC campaign. 

Justerini & Brooks is a fine wine and spirit merchant founded in 1749. They belong to the large drinks company Diageo. 

Why Your Company Should Consider Bing Even If You Run Google Ads?

Search engine PPC ads offer a great way to generate actionable leads and drum up traffic to your business. Bing ads give you access to 700 million unique visitors every month. Add that to Google’s count of over a billion, and you have a route to success.

Bing search engine ads can help you reach out to 250 million customers. Its brand-safe tools are intuitive, so you can craft a narrative that resonates with a target audience with ease. Sure, Bing ads seem to lose to Google’s AdSense platform. But you’ll still be able to generate more leads, especially with a synergy of both platforms.    

 Best of all, Bing makes it easy to import campaigns from Google AdWords to their platform in a few easy clicks. No hassle, no fuss! You can play on the strengths of your previous PPC ads campaign and deliver consistency across both platforms. 

This sounds easy if you’ve done it before. What if this is your first time dealing with pay-per-click ads? Well, that’s where Assertive comes in to save the day. We are a full-service PPC advertising agency that understands the intricacies of a PPC campaign.

We have 14 years’ worth of experience in helping companies get the best out of Bing and other PPC platforms. 

Get a Head Start in Your Next Bing Ads Campaigns with Assertive’s Precision Guided PPC Service Range

Bing can be tricky to navigate, even for advanced users. This fact comes to light when you want optimised Bing ads campaigns. That’s why the PPC specialists have refined tactics that help our clients get their ads online faster for an impactful branding campaign.

Here are some of the strategies we employ:  

Advanced Keyword Research

An Impactful PPC advertising campaign is a keyword-driven endeavour. When you think about it, people enter specific keywords into search engines when scouring the web for something they want. So, the best way for searchers to see an advertisement on Bing is if its copy resonates with organic and relevant keywords within your product/service niche. 

Bing has a keyword research tool that makes it easier to select relevant keywords. But, our SEO experts employ various keyword research tools to also scope out negative keywords.  Through this, we can also gauge the click-through rate on rival website pages so we can position your page to receive more clicks.

Strategising an Effective Bing Ad Campaign

Our Bing ads agency service kicks off with a free technical audit of your website. This measure ensures your marketing initiative reaches the right demographics for a higher click-through rate and more happy customers.

We’ll also go over the proper budget for PPC ads and map out all the relevant locations. This can be an exhausting process, but Assertive’s Bing ad management process features advanced task scheduling. That way, you get to split everything into small manageable strategies that narrow down to the site visitors that are more likely to be converted into customers.

Crafting Compelling Ads

Entering text into Bing is simple. But this is the most challenging part because writing different ads that compel and convert is not that easy. Fortunately, you can outsource such concerns to the talented writing staff at Assertive.

Our writers can produce ad titles that guarantee to capture your target consumer’s immediate attention. Then, we can top it off with Ad text that gives important details, leaving nothing to chance.

Bing Ads Keyword Optimisations

Ranking on page one of Bing is as crucial as doing the same on Google. However, with so many rival brands out there, it’s challenging to get your company name ahead of the pack. Our experts can work some magic to match up to organic keyword searches, so your ads become easier to find.

This consists of the following options:

Keyword Optimisations for Bing

1.    Broad match

Here we factor in search queries that resonate with keywords and impressions within a relevant business niche.

2.    Broad Match Modifier

Assertive’s SEO experts play with variations of keywords and add modifiers to ensure your target audience lands on your page. Suppose your company sells various types of bikes and your target client enters road bikes. Bing will add matches for “road bikes” or “mountain bikes” and even variations on pricing.

3.    Phrase Match

Here we’ll be researching queries that have the exact keyword you’re hoping to use in your campaign. We’ll optimise these phrases even further to ensure they resonate with the highest click-through rate.

4.    Exact Match

Your company’s competitors are probably doing a lot of things right in their campaigns. Assertive directive is to find the most ethical way to ensure you get exact matches.

5.    Negative Match

We also work hard to eliminate any keywords that result in a negative match. That way, your ad will score higher visibility on Bing ads banners.

Most PPC agencies resort to blackhat tactics like placing lower bids on keywords to lower cost. This measure may result in your advertisement not featuring as often as your company would like.

We always aim at favourably priced bids and fine-tuning other SEO centric aspects to make your ad stand out. This helps keep the average pay per click price low for greater returns on your investment.

Microsoft Audience Network optimisation

The Microsoft Audience Network is a programmatic advertising platform.

It provides the ability to place search ads on websites through third-party ad exchanges, which are then displayed to internet users across desktop and mobile devices.

The Microsoft Audience Network enables advertisers to offer targeted campaigns with consistent viewability standards, fraud protection, brand safety controls, and measurement benefits across different screens.

Targeting provides granular geolocation, demographic data for some countries (e.g., United States), affinity audiences (e.g., Minecraft players), intent audiences (e.g., shopping for sports apparel), audience lists (for example, opted-in emails or registered device users). 

Enhanced Data Tracking

Depending solely on Bing data can be costly and yield undesired results.

That’s why we attach Google Analytics UTM tracking modules to your URL, page or keyword sets.

This data-driven initiative gives you unfettered access to conversion rates, revenue projections and other metrics you need to see the success of your campaign.

Sadly, Bing ads interface is prone to loads of downtime. But, this measure ensures you can depend on actionable data insights from Google’s URL builder. 

Assertive’s Bing Ads Campaign

“Our PPC Experts have over 18 years experience delivering PPC strategies.”

  • For each client, we perform an initial audit that includes keyword research and a thorough analysis of the target audience and site sections.
  • We will then set up ad groups employing segmentation methods to ensure that each campaign is relevant to its intended audience.
  • Our Bing ads management team will then create a series of compelling ads in line with your business’s advertising goals, devise an effective landing page and create a cost-efficient budget for all campaigns.
  • After launching the PPC ads, we’ll continuously monitor them using our proprietary platform and issue you monthly reports. We optimize existing campaigns to boost performance while removing under-performing ads from certain sources.
  • In case there are additional funds available after optimizing programs, we add new keywords or reallocate budgets towards other platforms such as Facebook Ads, where they would have better chances at success. In addition, if required, we also rev up organic SEO efforts, which will boost your rankings on search engines.

Our SEO Brands

Why Bing Ads?

From our point of view, Bing has an excellent user experience. In fact, it’s one of the most optimized search engines on the market right now. You’ll be able to reach a vast number of target customers no matter what industry you’re from. It would cost much less than Google Adwords, according to our Digital Marketing experts from Assertive.

This is because there are fewer advertisers, which drives average CPC (cost per click) down. On top of all this, without any doubt, you’ll get great results from Bing Ads. After all, it’s a Microsoft product, and we’ve seen how such products work in our day to day digital marketing experience.

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Assertive is an online marketing agency with extensive experience in Google AdWords and Bing Ads optimization. With over 14 years of combined SEO and SEM agency experience, we have the tools necessary to help your company achieve its online marketing goals.

Assertive will handle all aspects of Microsoft advertising channels, including Bing Ads PPC, Bing Ads Conversion Tracking & reporting, Bing Local PPC and more. Let our strong knowledge and expertise work for you!

We utilise state-of-the-art technology daily, which provides us with a detailed understanding of online search trends. We can provide a consultative service that will ensure your campaigns are always in the best possible shape. The Assertive team have been working with large organisations and SMEs throughout the UK for over thirteen years, so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

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