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Google Shopping is one of the biggest players in online commerce, especially for retail sales. With more than 2 billion products listed on Google Shopping, product marketers are leveraging the power of Google Shopping to become competitive. 

Easier Growth & Profits with Assertive’s Google Shopping Management

With a tremendous increase in the number of eCommerce businesses online today, you need the extra ammunition to crush your competition. Google shopping ads give you a competitive edge over other retailers or wholesalers in your industry. Using a well-structured Google shopping campaign puts your products in the line of sight of potential customers leading to sales.

From the outside, creating effective Google shopping campaigns appears deceptively simple, but you need an experienced Google shopping agency to ensure you maximize your return on ad spend and the overall success of your shopping campaigns.

Our Google shopping management services at Assertive ensure that your Google shopping campaigns result in higher visibility to high-intent customers and boost your conversion rate.

We specialize in Product Listing Ads (PLAs) through Google’s Merchant Center.

Assertive’s Google Shopping Management Services will ensure you have the best product feed possible and that it is being submitted with optimal frequency. We monitor your campaigns from start to finish, taking into account current market conditions and seasonal fluctuations to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

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Google Management Case Study

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Justerinis & Brooks

Assertive was to help Justerini’s with on-site and off-site SEO whilst rebuilding and re-structuring the PPC campaign. 

Justerini & Brooks is a fine wine and spirit merchant founded in 1749. They belong to the large drinks company Diageo. 

What Is Google Shopping Management?

Google Shopping Ads is a paid channel of advertising that allows your products to appear in front of potential customers as they conduct product research, make comparisons and shop online. Shopping ads appear on the Google search results page. 

Essentially, Google shopping ads provide a comparison avenue for shoppers to compare similar products from different sellers. Once a potential customer searches for a product, Google Shopping provides the product’s name, image, name of the seller, the price of the product and other relevant information. 

Google shopping management agencies manage the entire process of the shopping campaign. This goes right from the account setup, campaign strategy, campaign data analysis, restrategizing, optimization of product feeds and the continuous monitoring of the shopping campaign’s performance.

How Google Shopping Ads Differs From Traditional Search Ads

People often think that Google Shopping ads are the same as other Google PPC campaigns. However, although Google offers both types of advertising, they have several differing aspects.

Google ads rely on keywords bidding to rank highly on search results. For example, if a customer is looking for a Volkswagen Golf’s brake pads, the seller will bid for keywords and key phrases like VW Golf brake pads, offer and other relevant words and phrases. 

You need to know several ways in which a consumer would conduct a search when looking for your products. Over the course of PPC campaigns, ecommerce businesses change the bidding strategies to maximize reach.

Traditional search ads also use targeting to boost their performance. You could set the ads to target users from a certain region or certain demographics. Upon a Google search of a product, Google ads place the text ads at the top of the search results page with a tiny disclaimer that it’s an ad. The ad will contain the text information that you included in the ad copy.

Google Shopping ads can be described more as an image-based ad accompanied with the product details.

To set up a Google Shopping campaign, you need to upload product data to the Google Merchant Centre. Product data includes an image of the product, price, seller details, shipping details, availability, special offers, among other relevant information. 

Instead of using keywords as a bidding strategy to determine which ad to display to customers, Google uses product details and Google customer reviews to determine which product is most relevant to the user.

Customers provide honest feedback and give review stars for products voluntarily, which helps determine the credibility and relevance of a product. However, similar to pay per click ads, you only pay for your Google Shopping ad when a user clicks on the link in the ad.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

Unlike other paid search ads that bid using keywords, Google Shopping works by cross-referencing the available product data to determine which products and the order in which they appear in the product listing ads. Once the user clicks on the ad, they are redirected to the exact product on your website. 

Consumers also have the option to buy via Google if the eCommerce business has such a contract with Google. There’s an offer on the product in such cases, and Google gets a certain commission for the product’s sale.

Google Shopping primarily focuses on selling products rather than services. The image of the product often appears on top of text ads. 

Types of Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping enables 3 main ways of carrying out shopping campaigns.

1. Product Shopping Ads

You can have one product in the shopping feeds. Such an ad would include an image of the product and relevant information on the product.

2. Showcase Shopping Ads

Got a catalogue of similar products that you want customers to choose from? This option lets you have several similar products in the shopping feed so that the customer can compare and pick.

3. Local Inventory Ads

This option helps you increase your visibility in your local area. Your products appear to local customers. You need to keep your product feed updated with the product’s availability, store hour details, shipping details and related relevant product information. 

Benefits of Google Shopping Campaigns

Increased Brand Awareness

The use of a visual format in Google Shopping makes it a powerful tool in creating brand awareness.

Let’s be honest, you’re more likely to remember a product once you see its image as compared to you reading about it. Google Shopping campaigns increase your visibility of Google as the ads appear at the top of search results and also on other Google sites.

Increased Conversions

Google Shopping gives customers a better user experience because its focus is on product information to determine the most relevant result for the user.

Good user experience significantly increases the chances that a customer will click on the ad and buy it.

Access to More Customers

Google Shopping has access to data on customers, thus placing your product ad in front of high-intent customers.

Real-Time Results

The best thing about Google Shopping Campaigns is that they can be monitored at all times while still maintaining high-quality traffic.

The data collected will show if there are any spikes or significant interest in regards to the products shown, which means you know exactly where to invest your time and resources without wondering if it’s effective or not. Keep track of everything by having real-time results.

Our SEO Brands

Our Google Shopping Management Services

Google Shopping Campaign Strategy and Management.

We walk with you from the beginning of your advertising journey to ensure that you get it right.

You don’t need to worry about any aspect of the campaign because we will guide you through the entire process. As an established digital marketing agency, we are able to evaluate your needs and create appropriate strategies for your campaign.

So we’ll set up your account or revamp your existing one and oversee the campaign management. Using a collaborative process with you, we can manage your campaign to ensure that you make as many sales as possible with Shopping ads.

We also aim at helping you to reduce your ad costs by determining the most effective way of spending within your budget to get the most value. 

Continuous Testing and Optimization

Our creative team at Assertive has a record of churning out creative ad copies that appeal to potential customers.

We closely monitor the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns to ensure that they’re performing optimally.

Further, Google constantly changes policies and updates algorithms to keep up with competitors who frequently up their game.

It’s not enough to know what worked in the past, but you need a Google shopping agency that’s up to date with search changes and a creative one too.

Negative Keywords

Regardless of how much revenue your business brings in, you don’t want to waste your funds on ad spend that’s not leading to conversions.

We focus on negative keywords to ensure that your ads don’t appear in irrelevant searches.

We understand that knowing the appropriate negative keywords is just as important as picking the best keywords to maximize return on ad spend. 

Product Feed Optimization

An optimized product feed is the difference between a high-performing Google Shopping campaign and a failing one.

As an experienced Google Shopping agency, we ensure that your product details on Google Merchant Center remain updated.

We provide relevant and captivating product descriptions and product titles that grab the attention of new clients. We don’t wait for months to update your product feeds as we continuously check in with you to know the current status and update accordingly.

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