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Assertive is a Digital Marketing Agency which offers exceptional PPC Remarketing services to clients in the UK and Worldwide. 

Marketing a service or business online requires you to present a subtle yet ever-green proposition to your potential customer.

To this end, companies use Google to tailor messages through words, pictures, animated gifs and other responsive ad elements that feature on Google Ad Network. With time you’ll notice that your ads become stale or sustain too much competition from rival brands.

As a result, most marketing consultants spend sleepless nights trying to reinvent the wheel to push their ad campaigns to a larger target audience—all hoping to convert them into customers. 

But, you don’t have to go through that with Assertive in your camp.

Our PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) remarketing campaigns use data-driven tools to place and cache cookies on the browsers of your site (current and past) visitors.

These kinds of measures give you viable insights into what your potential customer scours for in your website. From there, it becomes easier to tailor-make Ads that feature on popular search engine results by Bing and Google.

Assertive has a dedicated multi-disciplined team of experts who can help you re-imagine your ad campaigns while minimising remarketing ad costs.

With such extensive experience, your PPC remarketing campaigns can boost your returns by helping your company attain a profitable posture.

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Assertive is the #1 healthcare SEO agency

For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

PPC Remarketing Case Study

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Justerinis & Brooks

Assertive was to help Justerini’s with on-site and off-site SEO whilst rebuilding and re-structuring the PPC campaign. 

Justerini & Brooks is a fine wine and spirit merchant founded in 1749. They belong to the large drinks company Diageo. 

How Do PPC Remarketing Campaigns work?

Remarketing is a type of targeted pay per click marketing that allows you to re-market to website visitors who didn’t complete their transaction when they visited your site. The goal of remarketing campaigns is to remind potential customers interested in your product or service but didn’t make a purchase.

Remarketing campaigns are particularly important for small businesses that want to get brought up in paid search results. These campaigns allow these businesses to advertise to people who have already shown an interest in their brand. Here’s how various online advertisers come into play in enhancing your brand through PPC remarketing campaigns:


Google’s AdSense platform (Google ads account) offers an array of tools for accessing and using analytical data. Chief among them is the Google Analytics tracking code. This robust feature lets you access physical locations for “near me” Google search results.

Such data comes in handy as it helps your company present relevant ads when potential customers surf through the web for pertinent information, products or services. GDN is responsible for the larger share of Facebook’s total revenue, so if you’re running remarketing efforts, you need to make sure that your ads are running on the GDN.

Google remarketing ads range from standard to dynamic ones. Therefore, it helps to have the competent team at Assertive at your beck and call. We’ll help you run a thorough assessment of your needs and develop the best Google remarketing campaign.

Bing (Microsoft)

Microsoft’s remarketing in paid search is a utility that offers tracking capabilities allowing you to target a specified audience in your company’s PPC remarketing campaigns.

Microsoft Ads also helps in curating remarketing lists around specified criteria. For instance, you could use such data for retargeting customers based on purchase history, redemption of coupons and even abandoned carts.

Assertive uses these features to restructure your marketing initiative to capture the attention of various demographics like people in a certain zone, age group, employment field, or gender.


For example, if someone visited one website using three different devices, they would be classified as three separate visits by three different people. Facebook can attribute multiple devices to one person, which is more effective.

Many companies like to use Facebook to display their offerings. But did you know you can also use this social media platform to target specific audiences? Facebook Pixel works in a similar way to traditional cookies.

However, there’s a slight difference. This conversion tool keeps track of users and their activities on the internet as opposed to their devices. For instance, if you visit a website using your tablet and PC, a traditional cookie tracker would classify these as two different people.

Facebook Pixel, on the other hand, would attribute this behaviour to your user account. With that, you can draw deeper data-driven insight that allows you to have a clear cut PPC remarketing campaign. 

Targeting remarketing audiences can be done through Facebook’s Audience Network, allowing users to programmatically select their website visitors based on various targeting criteria like location, age, gender and interests (interests can include everything from TV Shows to Sales, Deals and Coupons). Users can then serve ads to these audiences through Facebook’s Ad Network, which is responsible for over 10% of their total revenue. 

Content Remarketing Strategies Offered by Assertive

There are numerous ways to target relevant website visitors while improving your performance on the web. Here are some of the strategies offered by Assertive that can help with your remarketing drive:

Search ads

Remarketing list for search ads (RLSA): Displaying keyword-targeted ads to users whom you’ve already identified as searching for your keywords on search engines. This allows you to gain increased visibility and drive traffic back to your site.

Video Ads

Delivering ads after a specified period of time during a video watched in the browser’s “pre-roll” or “mid-roll” positions. This strategy can increase overall campaign ROI by continuing to show ads to users who have already demonstrated interest in your brand. You can use search histories and cookie caches to ensure that your target audience sees relevant ads whenever they have a viewing session.

Display Ads

A display ad appears on Google ad banners on websites that your customers visit.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Using customer behaviour and browsing history to deliver relevant ads based on what they’ve done in the past or are currently doing on your site. Dynamic remarketing enables advertisers to get in front of customers that have already expressed interest by taking specific actions, such as visiting a product detail page.

Social Media Ads

Your ideal customer uses Pinterest, Quora or LinkedIn, aside from Facebook. All these platforms also feature ads that you can link to your website. 

Customer List

Your website collects personal information through cookies and contact forms. You can upload such lists to help you direct specific focus when remarketing content to a relevant audience.

Content-based Ads

Content-based remarketing ads are triggered by the content a user consumes while on your site, apps or YouTube channel. For example, a user reading about camping might be served banner ads for an outdoor retailer.

How Assertive’s PPC Remarketing Strategies Position You Ahead of the Competition

Assertive has continued to provide a full slew of SEO and branding services to companies in London since 2007. We’ve helped many companies from diverse industries ascend to greater profitability.

The only secret to our efficacy is that we don’t believe in copying and pasting or one-size-fits-all solutions. 

We take the time to understand your needs, then align them with what your ideal customer wants. 

We Provide a Subtle Business Proposition

“Approach by Matching Your Ideal Customers Intent with the Right Offer”

Our team has talented graphic designers, SEO experts, writers and other seasoned professionals in relevant fields.  This allows us to create a message that targets your audience’s needs on a personal level. We combine such skills with google analytics to empower your PPC marketing initiatives with data-driven insights.

Aside from that, we monitor such insights to help you re-engage a target audience through PPC remarketing campaigns.

Result? You get an ever-green marketing campaign that adjusts to digital advertising trends keeping you leagues above the competition.  

 “We can help you make more money .”

Our goal is to help your business grow organically. What makes Assertive different from all other PPC agencies? The answer is simple – focus on delivering REAL RESULTS! Our team works tirelessly to provide you with strategic insight, verified data analysis, industry best practices, enhanced test plans and ad copy testing plans. And it’s all backed up by awesome customer service! If you want results, choose Assertive.

We Make PPC Remarketing a Cost-Effective Affair

Many companies try to save a few dollars by going for a PPC remarketing campaign on their own. Unfortunately, the absence of crucial insights from an experienced PPC agency will lead them down a slippery slope, which ends up costing them more than they bargained for

At Assertive, we like to use PPC remarketing to play on the strength of previous ad campaigns. This helps you save on the money you would have to pay on fresh paid advertising every time there’s a dip in your conversion rates and customer engagement.

We Are Goal Oriented and Result Driven

Our remarketing campaigns not only ensure that your audience notices they are being retargeted. But, we also offer the means for them to respond. Personalised retargeting can shore up click-through rates on Google Search Ads and AdSense platforms.

With that, you can convert even the casual browser into a valid customer. This is because your potential customer wants to deal with a company that goes the extra mile to serve their needs.

Spread the Message to a Wider Audience

At Assertive, we believe you can get more out of your marketing by combining Google, Facebook and other ad platforms. Using Facebook solely can be limiting because it depends on the success of previous outreach programs.

However, you can unlock boundless marketing buzz by adding Google display networks into the mix. This platform collects data from over 2 million websites worldwide. And over 90% of internet users initiate their searches on this platform.

Facebook has a lower outreach, but the potential for core user engagement is higher. That’s why our PPC remarketing strategies are a model of the synergy of both ad platforms.    

Constant Feedback and Data Insights

All PPC marketers are familiar with the problems that come along with managing campaigns.

Between constantly checking results, identifying new keywords, and making decisions to pause unprofitable campaigns, it can quickly take away from valuable time for strategizing new campaigns. Assertive provides real-time reporting so that you always know what is working for your campaigns and what isn’t.

With Assertive, you receive reports on your goals, search terms, ad copy, keywords, and more in real-time, giving you constant feedback to 

We use Google Analytics and Adwords Express, along with our own proprietary reporting systems, to keep a close eye on the performance of your campaign(s). When we see errors, we can quickly address them before they affect significant numbers of leads, thereby improving your campaign results. 

Bespoke Design

When you use Assertive to design your PPC remarketing campaigns, you can be assured that the final product will fit in with your website’s overall look and feel.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our high-quality designs are bespoke to each client, making them stand out from the competition. This means improved click-through rates, which in turn generates more revenue for your e-commerce business.

Brand Awareness through All Digital Communication Platform

Assertive is different from other ad agencies because of our team’s expertise and commitment to advertising across all digital platforms.

We do not specialize in only one platform, such as Facebook ads or Google Ads.

Our knowledgeable and experienced marketers can manage your campaign efficiently on any device: computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This is why we are able to provide our clients with a seamless customer journey across all digital media. 

Our SEO Brands

Our PPC Remarketing Campaign Process

We bring 14 years of experience, and this level of expertise, plus our talented team, ensures we swiftly and efficiently attend to the task at hand. Our services come with no hidden or overhead costs.

Here is how we simplify PPC remarketing:

Complimentary Initial Consultation

The process kicks off with a free no-obligation consultation. We’ll perform an audit of your website and product offerings. You’re also free to ask any questions at this stage. An in-house PPC remarketing strategist will also walk you through areas that can enhance your sales drive.

PPC Remarketing Strategy

Suppose you decide you’d like to go ahead with our fully managed service. In that case, we’ll get to work on optimising your product pages and using advanced technology to analyse other web presence and develop a plan to make you stand out.

At this point, we’ll take a deep dive into segmented strategies that cover all pay per click channels. This measure allows us to onboard your site to Google, Facebook pixel and other analytical tools.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a clear road map on the things you need to do to develop a remarketing campaign that sets you apart from the rest.

Implementation & Reporting

The real work begins when you’re satisfied with our strategy. We’ll get our team cracking to craft impactful ads that encourage conversion. This includes working strategic SEO into your Ad copy to make it stand out on Google ads banner space. 

You’ll stay briefed on the progress of the campaign through weekly or monthly reports. Here we’ll detail how well your advertisements perform and whether we’ve managed to generate increased sales or maximise your ROI.

A Revisit of the Strategy

Our work never ends! We’ll keep you briefed and engaged on your PPC remarketing campaigns. From that, you’ll receive actionable insights on how you can get better returns for the money spent.

How Much Does PPC Remarketing Cost?

Each pay per click marketing initiative is unique. That’s why Assertive initiates the process with a free no-obligation audit to understand the complexities involved. Typically as an agency, we charge from £50-£100 per hour for PPC management.

We sweeten the deal with flexible PPC trainers that allow your business to effect a more cost-friendly approach. This covers coming up with strategies and viable implementation mechanisms.

How Will Your PPC Be Managed?

Our free initial PPC audit gives us a baseline for the work that needs to go into your campaign. Once that’s over, we’ll help you meet target KPI’s (key performance indicators). This may come in the form of your product and service offerings.

Our team then comes up with a PPC management plan that highlights daily activities and milestones you’ll need to hit. Our job never stops as we’ll keep you updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

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The old saying that “less is more” holds true when it comes to remarketing campaigns.

You don’t need informative headlines or paragraphs to take advantage of remarketing campaign’s potential for driving sales.

As we remind our clients often at Assertive, “Remarketing is really just an experiment in human psychology.” We have years of experience helping you execute the perfect remarketing campaign, and we never stop learning.

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