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Reputable, Sustainable & Ethical SEO Services that are geared towards driving website & brand organic growth.  We offer out of the box, unconventional SEO that’s geared to results, not empty promises.

Attract More Customers with Search Engine Optimisation.

Firstly, unlike other agencies, we’re not going to bombard you with what search engine optimisation is and why your business needs it. Ranking in Google for relevant keywords can make a significant difference to how your business thrives in an evolving online economy.

  • We’ve been around 13+ Years
  • 95% Client Organic Growth Success Rate
  • Average 5+ Year Client Retention
  • Fully transparent project management with client-side access
  • Trusted by medium & large enterprise businesses (£100m+ T/O)
  • SaaS SEO
  • Ahead of the Curve SEO techniques
  • Delivered SEO campaigns to large organisations including Lenovo, BNP Paribas, SCI MX

Learn how one of our SEO campaigns can increase your website’s visibility, increase organic traffic and most importantly, increase conversions.

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Assertive is the #1 healthcare SEO agency

For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

SEO Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in

Organic leads

Quick Move Now

Assertive delivered an SEO strategy whilst under a Google Penalty (and consequently successfully removing that penalty) with a Website running on an inflexible CMS alongside other issues. The strategy was also delivered in an extremely competitive PPC environment.

Assertive has been fantastic – after years of stagnant positions, we finally saw some really good growth & ranking increases. Daniel and Ram have been very helpful & always available when needed. They demonstrated strong SEO knowledge & as such, we are happy to recommend them.

Client Name – Nikki Tollafield

Quick Move Now is one of the UK’s leading Property Cash Buyers having been established over 20 years & having brought over 5,500 houses.

Our SEO Services

 Our agency delivers exceptional organic traffic growth by increasing keyword coverage and average positions to drive more organic traffic to your website – whether it’s via local SEO services or nationwide SEO services, our digital marketing team has the expertise and knowledge to implement and drive relevance for your target keywords. If you are looking for one of the oldest, most trusted SEO agencies in the UK, look no further. If your business is looking for a hybrid SEO / content marketing agency to propel your search engine rankings forward – contact us to see how we can help.

SEO Consultancy

Use our SEO consultancy to help build in house SEO expertise or for short term SEO implementation to gain ranking momentum or to utilise your in house SEO expertise with guidance.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research & market research, we’ll identify focal search terms for everything your business has to offer. We’ll scope marketplace coverage as well as a share of voice.


Technical SEO Audits

Identify all core issues with your website, find out why your website rankings aren’t where they need to be, identify drops, losses & other technical SEO issues that might be holding performance back.


International SEO Strategies

Looking to dominate other marketplaces? We create bespoke, international SEO strategies that include foreign keyword research, on-site SEO, content production & more.


Content Creation & Marketing

An SEO strategy is only as good as the content produced to support it. We offer professional content creation as well as forward content marketing services.


Link Building

Earn powerful links through digital PR and manual link building. We use high-level link acquisition tactics to build your domains authority, trust & rankings.


Digital PR

High authority links, media coverage & links that make a difference to your brand, domain authority and overall organic performance. Enjoy more exposure & brand awareness.


Growth Hacking

See how our SEO services can be combined with growth hacking to deliver fast growth for startups, fintech & SaaS platforms. Full digital growth hacking tailored to your business.


Custom SEO Reporting

Full digital reporting covering rankings, conversions, user behaviour, heat mapping and integrated Google data studio reporting. Full KPI driven SEO reports to track organic performance.


SEO Services for Medium to Large Companies

“Our SEO Experts have over 18 years experience delivering SEO strategies.”

Assertive delivers high-level enterprise SEO strategies for medium & large organisations across the globe. Our best-in-class team of highly experienced SEO specialists are better suited to delivering SEO for businesses looking to increase turn-over & revenue significantly.

We’ve helped B2B & B2C businesses own a larger share of marketplace traffic using bespoke, tried & tested SEO techniques that are built on a superior testing methodology.

As we are highly experienced in delivering search engine optimisation for growing businesses, we’re also aware of the complexities in internal processes, quality control, implementation & regulation.

Assertive is the agency of choice for large & corporate businesses looking to increase ROI by substantially leveraging the power of organic search.

As one of the UK’s leading disruptive enterprise SEO companies, businesses hungry for organic growth use our in-house expertise to meet & exceed their goals for YoY growth.


Our SEO Brands

An SEO Agency that Delivers SEO with Process

 Unlike traditional SEO agencies where you’ll be given a dedicated SEO manager – with Assertive you’ll be part of a team.

We offer a fully integrated approach to search engine optimisation services – helping to serve the need of our clients by providing a bespoke, highly structured process to fit into your existing business process.

We combine ERP processes with custom SEO testing methodologies to maximise efficiency whilst shortening time to rank.

Our professional SEO services incorporate the latest digital marketing & user experience techniques to increase organic visibility in Google’s natural search results. Using carefully selected keywords, our team of SEO experts will help drive high quality, targeted traffic increases to your businesses website.

Our SEO specialists remain ahead of the curve by utilising processes to better structure data, improve user experience, improve website performance, improve user retention and to maximise content relevancy – so, your new SEO marketing strategy pays off with long term success.

Whether you’ve searched SEO company London or professional SEO services – whatever you have searched to find us – you’ve found us organically, that should say something.

Why Work With Our Agency?

And why’s it so important?

Choosing the right partner agency to plan, deliver and execute search engine optimisation is critical – it’s critical primarily because SEO costs money & because it can take time to get results, especially in competitive search marketplaces.

Choosing the right SEO agency from the outset will save time, save money and will ultimately shorten the time between investment and ROI.

Digital marketing as of 2021/2022 is and will continue to be hideously competitive, with over 100m searches a day on Google, businesses are now scrambling to own their share of organic search.

Choosing the right SEO agency is about getting results, seeing an ROI and understanding that the work being delivered adheres to best practice – this means a fully white hat, jargon free SEO campaign that will improve your websites overall revenue contribution back into your business.

Assertive is a long-standing, established SEO agency that has provided high level performance SEO campaigns for medium & large businesses across London, the UK and worldwide.

We understand that each business will have its own specific marketing needs – Assertive will help a business do more through organic, even when it comes to end user conversion.

SEO is one of the FASTEST growing industries worldwide and the hunger for GOOD SEO follows closely behind, however, very few agencies out there are equipped with the level of expertise to truly deliver an SEO campaign that makes a difference to rankings, traffic and conversion – this is where Assertive truly stands out.

We’re not so big on the award winning front, we don’t need to be, our premium work and exceptional SEO case studies are proof enough that your next move should be to work with our agency.

We don’t just love SEO, we live and breathe it.

Demonstrated Return on investment

Big Data Driven & Analytical

Progressive Sustainable Results

Powerful Collaborative Tools

Growth & Results Focused

Highly Structured Campaign Management

SEO Services Delivered by Senior SEO Consultants

Assertive is composed of a team of high level SEO consultants, each with 15-20+ years of SEO experience. SEO services should be delivered by SEO experts who are passionate, knowledgeable & have a proper SEO testing methodology. Simply reading SEO guides & trying to stay up to date with the latest SEO news & best practices isn’t enough.

Google is CONSTANTLY evolving, and, each niche, each keyword search carries with it bespoke intent and a shifting algorithm.

Because of the complexities of optimisation, it takes the BEST SEO Consultants to deliver SEO services that truly make a difference. Because we utilise some of the best expertise that exists, we focus on delivering search engine marketing & enterprise SEO strategies on medium / larger businesses.

Assertive evolved from delivering SEO services for small businesses but over the last 5 years – our agency has rapidly evolved to facilitate larger, more corporate clients.  We explicitly do not offer SEO packages, everything produced by our specialist SEO consultants is bespoke and takes into account a websites existing state as well as business level requirements & targets.

The Benefits of Using Our Professional SEO Services

Using professional SEO services ensures a quicker turn around time on ranking and helps to reduce spend wastage over time. Professional SEO is all about strategy & execution. Some studies estimate that as many as 8/10 SEO campaigns fail because of poor quality SEO, failing to plan, a misaligned client/agency strategy or a mix of the above.

The main benefits from a professional organic search marketing campaign include: 

  • Shortened Time to Rank Timeframes
  • Reduced Spend
  • Reduce Wastage
  • Streamlined ERP
  • Structured SEO Strategy
  • Clear KPIs & Goals
  • More Effective Organic Growth
  • Compliant, Ethical SEO
  • Transparent Project Management

How our SEO helped SCI-MX to go from 100 to 5000+ clicks per day in 18 months.

SCI-MX is an established protein supplements business operating across the UK. SCI-MX are a brand found in supermarkets, shops, gyms and online. When SCI-MX approached Assertive in 2015 they had a poor organic coverage with most of their traffic relating to brand. Assertive delivered a new Magento website which was optimised from the outset. We delivered a bespoke, high end SEO strategy that helped them to claim page 1 results for high value search terms from protein powders to protein milkshakes. To support their overall brand awareness we also delivered an SEO campaign that incorporated a content strategy that allowed SCI-MX to capitalise on fitness, nutrition and diet long tail searches.

  • Full Website Overhaul & Update
  • Targeted Outreach Campaign
  • Reclaimed Link Building
  • Full Content Calendars
  • Mapped Out Content Strategy
  • Full SCHEMA & Rich Snippet Adoption
  • Professional E-A-T Copywriting
  • Split A/B Testing
  • Full SEO Testing Methodology

Growth Led Digital Marketing Services

 We offer digital marketing strategies that focus on growth be it more sales, traffic or enquiries. We work to amplify your brand by increasing organic presence for both brand and non brand keywords. By strengthening your brand, we’ll also enhance end user & customer trust in transacting with your website.

We know that businesses investing in search engine marketing need to see a return, equally most digital agencies will spend time on fancy presentations and powerpoint slides with numbers – here at Assertive, we work on brutal honesty and a “get stuff done attitude”.

Your search engine marketing efforts to date may have been unfruitful or misaligned with the business – here at Assertive, we work to understand your brand, your customers and your competitors. We’ll reverse engineer what successful businesses do online and we’ll factor that into your bespoke strategy.

  • Shortened Time to Rank Timeframes
  • Reduced Spend
  • Reduce Wastage
  • Streamlined ERP
  • Structured SEO Strategy
  • Clear KPIs & Goals
  • More Effective Organic Growth
  • Compliant, Ethical SEO
  • Transparent Project Management

How we can help your business

Assertive is built on bespoke SEO services – meaning every client we work with will undergo a unique process that takes into consideration the business, website, historic marketing activity, budgets, KPIs and more. How we can help your business – well, we can transform your organic positions driving new, highly relevant traffic to your website.

From the get go – we build a solid SEO campaign that uses relevant keywords that people are searching for with matched intent, so that when we get your website ranking in search engines, not only will you see more traffic, but you’ll benefit from increased conversions.

Everyone wants to be on the first page in Google, in the top 3, where, if they Google target keywords, they can see their own website ranking prominently – that’s the dream for over 100million digital businesses globally.

We employ some of the BEST SEO talent around to make sure you, the client get an SEO strategy that’s realistic.

We don’t make false promises or mismanage expectations, we have no sales team and no pushy tactics. We’re a team of professional SEO consultants who know how to makes perform better organically, driving brand awareness growth, an increase in enquiries & or web sales.

What makes our SEO service better?

 We offer the best SEO services from the perspective of getting results using SEO testing as opposed to following a linear SEO ERP methodology. We don’t dump out reports from SEMRUSH, AHREFS or other SEO tools, everything we do is based on raw analysis and SEO testing. Jamming a keyword in a title and H1 and populating your ALT tags just isn’t enough in what is a constantly evolving marketplace. There are hundreds of SEO factors that are applied at varying levels – this makes SEO a science, not an art.

SEO services are “specialist” and generally require a team of SEO experts to evaluate search intent & to help build pages that align with a users expectations.

With good pages in place, there then needs to be authority coverage – be it strong backlinks, brand trust signals, reviews & more.

Our SEO service is worth it because from the outset we’ll give you an honest SEO forecast in respect of where your website ranks, the work required, marketplace rank shifts, competitor organic performance over time and more!We’re a legacy SEO agency that originated from the days where ranking was proof enough – choosing an SEO agency? Well, you’d naturally want to choose one that ranks as that’s a clear indicator that the agency knows what it is doing. If you are looking for SEO Services London, SEO Service Providers or the Top SEO Companies in the UK – look no further. 

  • Shortened Time to Rank Timeframes
  • Reduced Spend
  • Reduce Wastage
  • Streamlined ERP
  • Structured SEO Strategy
  • Clear KPIs & Goals
  • More Effective Organic Growth
  • Compliant, Ethical SEO
  • Transparent Project Management

Cheap, Affordable SEO Services

Look elsewhere – we sell a professional service.

GOOD SEO isn’t cheap, that means things like £99 a month or packaged SEO services are almost ALWAYS a waste of money. Assertive offers a high end SEO service for medium to large businesses looking for strong, sustainable growth organically. Cheap SEO services generally involve the most basic on site SEO delivered alongside poor quality link building.

At Assertive, we offer SEO services at a medium / large / enterprise level. Our SEO services start from £3000 + VAT per month. Good SEO involves planning, research, the production of high quality content, high quality link building, digital PR & more – there is no way this can be condensed without a compromise on quality – something that we don’t do.

Unlike other “SEO agencies” that are all award winning, we’re humble and stick to our roots – if your website isn’t ranking in Google right now for target keywords then it’s time to discuss an SEO strategy that will change that. If you are looking for cheap SEO services then sorry, we can’t help!

If you are looking for an SEO company that gets results and has a proven track record look no further – Assertive is your next digital marketing agency.

We Deliver SEO For The Following Verticals & Niches

Assertive is a trusted, established SEO agency that provides SEO to a number of different niches/verticals. We have specialist in house SEO consultants who can provide bespoke SEO strategies for specific niches. Our team is built on high level search engineers who have experience working in different sectors from healthcare SEO to SEO for finance and banking institutions. If you are looking for search engine optimisation & want an SEO company that has history within your niche – chances are we’ve got the experience to deliver everything from an SEO audit to a fully fledged SEO marketing campaign.

We’re able to deliver specialist SEO agency services to a plethora of different niches thanks to the experience of our in house search engine optimisation specialists.

Some of the niches we specialise in include:

Government SEO

Assertive Significantly Increased Our Rankings & Turnover

Assertive worked with one of the UK’s leading online sweet wholesalers to help them capture a larger share of the organic search marketplace. Appletons Sweets supply sweets to newsagents and retailers across the UK. Assertive led a digital transformation strategy incorporating SEO and conversion rate optimisation to improve traffic & sales.

“It’s taken around 3 years, during that time we’ve seen clicks go from 200-300 a day to 2000+”

The strategy has been to uncover all long-tail opportunities and capitalise on the build-out of static categories. We’ve then utilised a mixed content strategy + link building strategy to strengthen internal pages and drive sub-page traffic performance up.

It took a few months to get some initial traction, but, over time we’ve seen traffic grow consistently.

We’ve been very impressed with Assertive & the service they’ve delivered.

SEO Campaigns – The Process

Thinking of working with Assertive for your SEO service?

  1. User, Business & Market Research

Kicking off, we begin researching your business, offering and objectives to prepare and hone a strategy that’ll align with goals. Identifying & researching target keywords forms part of the initial strategy, but also understanding motives & search intent behind selected keywords. Following on, we’ll identify & understand the competitor landscape to see what successful competitors are doing & to understand how they’ve invested in their SEO services.

  1. SEO, Content & Landing Page Strategy

Improving a websites technical profile might be a key part of an SEO campaign, but, building landing pages tailored for the end users is absolutely fundamental. Our content marketing & SEO specialists work together to produce new content & landing page architecture that’ll help to drive better search intent & relevancy for end users/website visitors. Integrating keyword research data, each page is carefully tailored to meet the needs of your potential customers.

  1. Onsite Search Engine Optimisation

From canonical tags to page speed our technical SEO team will address all issues relating to a websites structure, performance & configuration. Combining technical fixes with modern technological improvements will allow us to leverage significant performance increases from improved page speed scores to improved above the fold rendering. Every facet of on site SEO will be addressed, ensuring your website conforms to all modern best practices/standards. Improved site architecture & meta data will encourage higher click through rates whilst landing page optimisation will improve mobile-first & desktop user experience.

  1. User Experience & Engagement Exercises

Imagine what significant improvements to user retention, engagement & conversion would do for your business. The combination of powerful A/B testing platforms with heat, click & scrollmaps & enhanced Google platform integration will allow our user experience optimisation team to collect powerful data & insights about how people use & engage with your website. Data like this offers unprecedented opportunities for our team to run A/B tests, landing page experiments & personalisation to increase conversion rates, average session duration & to lower bounce rate / POGOing back to Google.

  1. Link Building & Brand Authority

The crux of SEO and perhaps one SEO factor with sheer longevity, link building. Utilising highly refined link building strategies, domain authority growth is a byproduct of exceptional, white-hat, above-board process. Highly relevant, trusted, Google Penguin compliant link building runs throughout the life-cycle of any SEO campaign to help sustain & grow domain authority and trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What SEO Services do I need?

Your website and businesses SEO requirements will be dependent on internal and external factors. We can provide a free initial assessment of your websites current rankings, organic positions and opportunities by assessing your Google Search Console filtering out the brand to find valuable keywords. We can propose the best SEO services for your business based on existing and new keyword opportunities.

How much do SEO services cost?

SEO costs are entirely dependent on campaign/strategy requirements. We do NOT offer SEO packages. Our organic marketing services are fully bespoke – the costs are calculated after an evaluation & appraisal. Our monthly SEO costs start from £3000 + VAT.

We offer premium SEO and do not work with low budget campaigns.

How long will it take to see results?

Every website, every campaign & every scenario will have different variables. Time to rank will vary depending on your website’s current organic state of health as well as budget, process and turn-around time on implementation. 70% of our clients see results within the first 3 months. We advise most potential clients that 12 months is usually a good time frame for full growth measurement. As a specialist SEO company, we strive to deliver SEO results in the shortest possible timeframe.

Are SEO services worth it?

Yes, SEO is one of the most ESSENTIAL advertising channels with the shift to online shopping & digital commerce. SEO can offer one of the largest ROIs whilst offering a sustainable flow of traffic over time. Where as PPC will require ongoing and potentially elevated investment, search engine optimisation will often deliver more traffic with a lower cost per acquisition over time.

Is SEO Difficult?

In most situations yes SEO is difficult. To put it into perspective it can take up to and in excess of 5 years of SEO training & practice to become a GOOD SEO specialist. SEO is difficult because Google’s algorithms are constantly changing as are the requirements to rank – meaning SEO involves ongoing SEO testing, benchmarking and indepth analysis.

SEO Services UK Prices

In the UK SEO prices vary wildly depending on which SEO agency you go with as well as your business and target keywords. The AVERAGE SEO retainer in 2020 across the UK was around £2000 per month. SEO consultants tend to charge day rates ranging from £250 – £500 per day whilst SEO agencies may charge up to £2000-£5000 per month for SEO services.

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Our SEO team doesn’t believe in red tape, which is why we try to streamline our onboarding process, so you can skip the boring stuff and get straight to optimisation strategies that will grow your business.

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We can provide a quotation / response to RFP's for SEO services including auditing, consultancy, training & strategy execution. We provide bespoke SEO campaigns tailored to your growth objectives.


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