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Here at Assertive we offer remarkable eCommerce SEO services alongside digital marketing. We’ve honed and refined our SEO so that we can deliver results that matter to eCommerce companies.

eCommerce SEO for Your Business

Assertive have years of experience offering SEO and marketing services to clients of all kinds, but we’ve always made a specialty of providing end to end SEO services for eCommerce clients.

We like a challenge, and search engine optimisation for smaller eCommerce organisations is always that.

We don’t have to tell you how fierce the competition can be in this field, or how narrow profit margins have become.

We understand just your SEO is expected to achieve, and how little time you can afford to dedicate to it every day. That’s why we offer the services that we do.

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Assertive is the #1 healthcare SEO agency

For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

SEO Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


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Allianz Global Investors

Assertive delivered a strategic PPC campaign for Allianz Global Investors to help increase sign-ups & campaign awareness whilst maximising ROI & keeping CPA down.

Assertive delivered a strong PPC campaign with very good results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Client Name – Designation

Allianz Global Investors is a global investment management firm managing assets on behalf of institutional & retail clients.

What is SEO, anyway?


SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the process of improving your website to make it more visible whenever someone searches for particular things on the internet. If you sell widgets in Modesto, you want to be on the first page of results when someone asks their phone or computer where to buy widgets in Modesto.

People rarely look much deeper than the first few results when they are prepared to buy, so the sites that manage to rank higher in the results tend to get a lot more business. Of course, the more competition you have, the harder the competition for those top few slots becomes. That’s where your ecommerce SEO agency comes in.

How does SEO actually work?

“Assertive’s link building output was incredible, we actually earned more links from their manual outreach then we did a full scale digital PR campaign with another agency”

– NM Motors

The process is slightly different for each search engine, but these days they all work in a fairly similar manner to Google – and most of your search traffic is likely to come from Google in any case. Google and other search engines scan the web constantly with little autonomous programs called bots. These bots look at published lists of websites and at the links that they find there, and visit these sites. They then scan the text of that website and a few other details to analyse the page itself and try to work out what it offers visitors – information, sales, entertainment, etc.

Then Google (as well as other search engines) uses a much larger and more complex program to judge which websites to display for a particular user when they search for something. It essentially takes everything it knows about the searcher (which is quite a lot) and matches them with what the algorithm thinks they really wated to find.

The heart of SEO is figuring out which people you want to see you in their search results – people who are shopping for what you sell, most of the time – and giving google everything it needs to believe that you are one of the sites these people want to see. The best way to do that is to offer them exactly what they want in the way they want it, and in a way that Google can understand. Optimizing your site’s design and content to turn up in just the right search results is SEO.

Our SEO Brands

Why is SEO so crucial for success in Ecommerce?

Whether you call it ‘e-commerce SEO’, ‘e commerce’ SEO or ‘eCommerce SEO’, you need it. With a few exceptions, commerce stores get most of their customers from search engines. Whether a customer does that search on a desktop PC, a tablet, a phone or simply by shouting to Alexa, the results they receive were served up by a search engine, based on how well that customer and their search matched the website’s SEO.

The long and the short of it is that if you improve your ecommerce SEO, you are almost certain to get more and better visitors – the kind with credit card in hand ready to buy what you have to sell. Only after your ecommerce SEO strategy has brought them to your virtual door can you do what you do best – convert them into a paying customer.

Considering that some 30% of purchases are made online these days – and that number is steadily growing. There has not been a single year since 2009 when ecommerce sales in the UK rose by less than 10%, and many years have seen jumps of as much as 18%. There are plenty of ecommerce shops selling exactly what you are. So it is up to your ecommerce SEO agency to give you a crack at those visitors first.

What do you need to pull ahead in the ecommerce SEO game?

Getting more sales in these crowded ecommerce markets means doing more than just attracting more traffic to your site. A modern Ecommerce SEO strategy will include making sure that your site that your site is visible (and easy to use) for both mobile and laptop/desktop users, that you are targeting searchers at each stage of their buying journey, and that all of your products and lines are getting the attention they deserve. That holds true whether you are a one-person start-up or a huge national brand. It just so happens that we are exactly the ecommerce SEO agency to do it for you, as well.

Assertive’s Ecommerce SEO services get results

We have years of experience as an ecommerce SEO agency, and that means helping ecommerce sellers revolutionise their businesses with top of the line SEO. We’ll design and put into action a truly data-driven SEO strategy that brings all of your marketing channels together, making you more visible to the people you most want to reach.

Yes, we can bring more visitors to your site, but more importantly we can bring in the right types of visitors. We can help you build the kind of sales funnel you need to be really successful, and ease those visitors through every stage of the conversion process.

We focus on 3 main points:

Ensuring that you offer the type of content your audience wants, and that Google knows it


Ecommerce SEO services are all about targeting customers and the searches they make. If you want to target a particular search query directly – such as ‘buy widgets in Modesto’ above – your site really has to sell widgets in Modesto. But most importantly, Google has to know and understand that it is a good place to buy widgets in Modesto.

Therefore, we review all of your content to make sure it tells Google everything it needs to know about what you do and why potential customers want to use your organisation. We make sure that each of your pages has a clear purpose, and that it communicates exactly what you do best to visitors. If your content isn’t up to the task, we can help you by providing content that does the job.


Ensuring that your ecommerce SEO works perfectly on a technical level


If your site is slow or awkward to use, google can actually tell. And since Google only make money when people are happy with what they find, they won’t send very many people to sites which offer poor user experiences.

We know at least as much about website development as we do about SEO, so we start at the very beginning. A full technical audit will find any problems so that they can be fixed rapidly.

Doing the SEO work that gets you noticed – both by Google and by new customers


Having the right content on your site is only half the battle… maybe 2/3. People have to become aware of that amazing content and how good it really is. Google can pick up on that, and will rank you all the higher once your site begins to be recognised for what it is.

If that sounds like the kind of process which could really start to snowball, it is. Once this part of the strategy starts working, there is almost no stopping it. And Assertive are experts at getting that snowball rolling with good ecommerce SEO services.


How do we do it?

Well, really good ecommerce SEO services are as much an art as it is a science. Your success depends on the quality of your goods and services, but also on the quality of your data and our creativity. We seek out the best data, and engage in ethical SEO efforts – the kind of on-page and off-page work they used to call ‘white hat’ – to increase the visibility and authority of your brand in a way which will yield results for years, because they are real results.

We don’t make Google ‘think’ your site delivers value to potential customers. We make sure it actually does. That is the real key to success with google. Not ‘telling the algorithm what it wants to hear’ but ‘being what the searchers want you to be’.

To achieve the best results, then, your ecommerce SEO and your business strategy need to inform each other. What you put in should be driven by what you want to get back. We therefore take the time to get to know how you do business before we work out your SEO. We get to know your audience before we start trying to reach out. What we give you in the end is an ecommerce SEO package that is truly aligned with your organisation, and will give you results, not headaches.

Ecommerce SEO campaign strategy 101

We can’t tell you everything you need to know about putting together a winning ecommerce XEO campaign here – We are an ecommerce SEO agency, and we’d much rather you paid us to do it – but we can give you an idea of the strategy we use for many types of clients.

A full ecommerce SEO audit

Next, we need to see exactly what you have to work with already. We do not sell ‘one size fits all’ SEO packages, because each ecommerce website is unique. Pre-packaged solutions don’t perform well, and fail to address the unique strengths and challenges of your operation. Instead, we get to work finding out what makes your store tick.

We have a range of specialist ecommerce SEO tools and our expert auditors will get straight to work determining what is working for you, what isn’t, and what sort of changes we’ll need to make to achieve the goals we established in step 1. This will involve a technical analysis of your site, a situational analysis of your SEO keywords, an analysis of your competitors, and a run-down of all your backlinks.


Determining what your Ecommerce SEO needs to accomplish

We’ll work out what your expectations are for an ecommerce SEO campaign, and agree on a set of achievable, meaningful goals. We’ll discuss what kind of results we believe we can deliver, and establish a realistic timeframe that works for you.

We’ll also define exactly what needs to be done to achieve all that.

We discover exactly which keywords we should be targeting

This requires more information than you might think. We’ll start with the keywords for which your ecommerce store is already ranking, and compare that to the lists we generate for your most direct competitors. We’ll put our own expertise to work as well, and generate a new list of the keywords that will become the cornerstone of your on-page SEO strategy.


Implementation – putting your new ecommerce SEO strategy into place

At the implementation stage, we work out how to get from where you are now to where you really want to be. But this is hardly ever a simple path.

The first three months of an implementation is usually looking for results that will pay off straight away. However, there are not ‘short term goals’. We’re looking to make the kind of SEO success that snowballs, remember. The successes of your first few months will reinforce everything we do next.

This phase typically includes optimising each of your product pages for those keywords, and improving your URL structure for clarity and usability. We’ll also see if any technical changes need to be made in your linking or images. Finally, our link-building and content marketing teams will give you the kind of truly useful, ‘high authority’ backlinks you need to really reach your target market(s). To do that, we’ll get to know your customers and potential customers, and reach out to the websites, blogs and influencers with which they spend their online tome, and make sure they see your brand getting talked about.


Measuring our success

We’ll have agreed on the strategies to follow, the timeline for delivery and the expected results at the very beginning of the campaign. At this point, we look back and analyse how well we did. Did we meet or exceed those goals? Could we have done even better? If so, how can we improve moving forward?

We believe in transparency and responsibility, and that keeping you in the loop about everything we’ve achieved – as well as anything we might have fumbled – is the best way to ensure that we keep giving you the best quality service.


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