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Assertive offer data-driven search engine optimisation services that help your construction business grow. If you’re struggling to gain traction through the complex ranking systems internet authorities such as Google have in place, then our team of multi-talented SEO experts can help you.

SEO Services for Your Building & Construction Business


Building a Stable Future For Your Construction Company 

Construction is a competitive industry, so we want to ask you a question.

Do you wish to receive more leads without maxing out your marketing budget on PPC campaigns?

If yes, we can help you generate a steady stream of traffic, connect with your audience and become authorities within the construction industry.

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Assertive is the #1 healthcare SEO agency

For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

SEO Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in


Craft Irish Whiskey Co

Assertive designed and built a new website for the Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Because of the kinds of clientele buying the product, the website had to be high quality and maintain key UX factors.

The guys at Assertive did a good job with the new website – we’ve definitely seen an uplift in leads with the new website – pleased.

Client Name – Jay Bradley

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co is a high-end luxury whiskey brand based in Ireland.

Why SEO is Best For Construction Companies

While many industries face instability, construction is one of the only sectors that will survive. From the pyramids of Egypt to Wembley Stadium, society will continue to build houses, flats, commercial properties and architectural wonders. 

The issue is, with construction being such a popular industry, that means there’s a lot of businesses competing for those coveted top ranking spots. 

If you want to stand against them, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that places you in front of the right audience. 

Assertive delivers on-target construction SEO services that enhance your content and drive qualified leads through to the point of sale. 

With a dedicated SEO expert team, we’ll work with you to define the right strategy and ensure you generate a significant ROI.

Dynamic Services For Real Results

We offer a range of SEO services to ensure you generate the right results for your campaign.

Free SEO Audit & Evaluation

Regardless of whether you choose to use Assertive as your agency, every visitor receives a free SEO audit on request. These audits are essential to diagnose your websites current health status, look at your backlink profile and review any technical issues.

If you decide you’d like to work with us, we’ll create a base strategy on our results and use competitor analysis to ensure you have the best opportunity to gain a prominent web presence.

Free SEO Audit & Evaluation

Regardless of whether you choose to use Assertive as your agency, every visitor receives a free SEO audit on request. These audits are essential to diagnose your websites current health status, look at your backlink profile and review any technical issues.

If you decide you’d like to work with us, we’ll create a base strategy on our results and use competitor analysis to ensure you have the best opportunity to gain a prominent web presence.

SEO Driven Content

Perhaps the most essential part of any SEO campaign is ensuring it reaches your audience through streams of content. Boring, rewritten content isn’t in our vocabulary. Our writers will consistently deliver high-quality blogs in a tone of voice that suits your brand.

Construction companies need a professional but down-to-earth approach, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with Assertive. Zero fluff, content that enhances your SEO strategy and strikes a chord with your readers.

Local SEO

Local search is vital for construction companies because it lets your more accessible audience know that you’re around and open for business. A strong presence in your community can be the difference between a thriving or failing business.

Mobile search is a prominent factor in any Local SEO strategy. Our team of tech experts understand how to reach people in your community through intent-driven search engine optimisation.

From using Google My Business to boost your ranking to performing keyword research for a local audience, we’ve got you covered.


Every construction company needs to connect with a broader audience, and outreach is the most effective link-building strategy. Once you have some high authority backlinks, you can drive traffic to your site, which results in more customers.

We’re experienced link builders and will work hard to deliver white-hat outreach on quality websites. We’ll achieve this through content creation and have helped many companies to increase their website traffic with this approach.

On-Page SEO

When it comes to on-page SEO, your website must be optimised for the best results. Construction services keywords are competitive to rank for, so our team makes an effort to give your company the best opportunity to have a successful SEO campaign using on-page optimisation.

We achieve this by looking at every aspect of your website, including creating compelling meta descriptions and title tags that enhance the SEO plan and move you to where you want to be.

Our SEO Brands

Why Choose Assertive?

Assertive is one of the UK’s longest-running SEO agencies. For over 12 years, we’ve supplied expert outreach, link building, content and a range of other services to help businesses of all sizes gain a stronghold within their industry. 

There are plenty of agencies around. We get it. But if you want stability and continuous growth with one of the few agencies that have stood the test of time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Diverse Team of Talented Individuals 

We know that the secret to our success is our multi-talented team of diverse individuals. From tech wizards to creative writers, we ensure that every step of your SEO strategy is achieved through our professionals’ collaborative approach. 

No job is too big, and we always make sure our team can give you the best opportunity to grow at a steady rate and generate a constant stream of traffic that keeps you in business with excellent growth potential. 


Hundreds of Successful Campaigns 

There’s a reason we’re one of the longest-running UK SEO agencies; we know what works, and we always deliver. There’s no one size fits all approach with Assertive, and everything we do is tailored to your unique business and needs. 

We’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients throughout the years and are proud of the strong reputation our team has supported us to build. 


White-Hat Techniques Only 

It’s always hard to put your trust in an SEO agency, especially when there are high risks of black-hat practices. Our motto is, if we’re going to do something, we do it right – or not at all. That means you don’t have to worry about those pesky black-hat techniques that can cause long-term problems for your business. 

We’re a white hat only agency, which means every link we earn for you is 100% genuine and will improve your businesses authority and trust rating. If you’re sick of worrying about penalties, we’d love to tell you more about our no-spam policy.


In-Depth Knowledge of the Construction Industry

At Assertive, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of construction companies and are confident that we can help you to grow and flourish. 

Construction SEO services are complex because there’s so much competition, but we’re confident that we can support you. 

If you want expert advice and growth support for your construction company, we can help you develop a growing presence with your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Guarantee You’ll Provide White-Hat Services?

White-hat practices are essential for our reputation, and we refuse to compromise on our ethics to achieve quick results. As an experienced company, SEO is our speciality, but we know that achieving the right presence takes time. 

We perform digital marketing services that enhance a basic SEO strategy. Our expert combination of link building, outreach, and creative writing mean we can offer reputable SEO strategies that don’t compromise your company. 

Google penalties can take years to recover from, but you’re guaranteed an ethical and transparent approach to everything we do with our marketing agency. 

One thing’s for sure; your success is everything to us, and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the time and commitment we put into your campaign.

How Long Will it Take to Get to the First Page of Google?

Whether it’s local SEO, international SEO or technical SEO, building a presence of the search engines takes a lot of time and commitment. Because we only use reputable practices, we can’t give you a specific timeframe as to when and if you’ll get onto the first page of Google.

The construction industry is notoriously competitive, but with the right marketing strategy and a dedicated team of specialists, we’re confident that if any white-hat SEO company can get you to the place you want to be, it’s us.

Does Your Team Understand SEO for Construction Companies?

Our teamwork in a range of industries, but we have a diverse talent pool and match our specialists to construction companies based on their knowledge of the industry. 

Everyone who works with Assertive has experience creating and executing digital marketing campaigns, and we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results we offer. 

If you’re looking for expert SEO for construction companies, our team can help you gain more traffic through organic search and grow your business.

Let Us Grow Your Construction Company Today

If you’d like some help with your construction company SEO, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’re on hand to offer advice and support about keyword research, marketing, and how to gain new customers. 

Get in touch through our phone number, email address or site contact form, and we’ll arrange your free SEO audit. 

During the audit, we’ll look at your current site content, search rankings and local SEO to understand what we can do to help you build your organic traffic, gain new leads, clients and rank well on search engines long term. 

Our SEO team look forward to boosting your online presence.

The Four-Step Process to SEO Consulting

Our SEO team doesn’t believe in red tape, which is why we try to streamline our onboarding process, so you can skip the boring stuff and get straight to optimisation strategies that will grow your business.

Are you considering a new agency?

We can provide a quotation / response to RFP's for SEO services including auditing, consultancy, training & strategy execution. We provide bespoke SEO campaigns tailored to your growth objectives.


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