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We offer hotel SEO services to ensure your hotel website optimizes its bookings potential and ranks ahead of other businesses in the hospitality industry, on Google and other search engines.

Hospitality SEO Agency Services

The internet is an excellent marketplace to get bookings for your hotel, but how do you stand out in an industry that has so many competitors?

Who Needs Hotel SEO Services?

Today the larger majority of people that own smartphones, which is pretty much everyone, consult Google before picking a restaurant for a date, a venue for a meeting, or a quiet spot to have a bit of alone time.

If your business is centered in the hospitality industry, for instance, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, catering, and pubs, then you definitely need to increase your visibility in the digital space.

Search engine optimization could make the difference between the high foot traffic to your restaurant over that of the guy next door.


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SEO Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


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Allianz Global Investors

Assertive delivered a strategic PPC campaign for Allianz Global Investors to help increase sign-ups & campaign awareness whilst maximising ROI & keeping CPA down.

Assertive delivered a strong PPC campaign with very good results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Client Name – Designation

Allianz Global Investors is a global investment management firm managing assets on behalf of institutional & retail clients.

Why do you Need Hotel SEO Services?

It Can Increase Your Revenue

The primary role of an SEO strategy is to help websites rank higher in search engine results. Hospitality SEO strategy aims to specifically ensure hotel’s websites rank on Google’s top page to increase their traffic. Studies show ranking top on Google’s search results gives you an over 30% chance of a user clicking on your website. The chances decrease as you go lower in the search results.

Visitors in your city depend highly on Google results to get ideas on where to dine. Locals also look for hotels online, and you want them to find your site easily. Hotel SEO services help you get the attention of your relevant target audience, which could lead to direct bookings.

It Builds Trust

Hospitality SEO reduces the need to use pay-per-click advertising to increase traffic to your website. Potential clients looking for a new place to dine or plan a celebration value organic results on Google over results displayed as paid adverts, that are sometimes viewed as marketing gimmicks. A click generated from page results is generally termed as higher quality traffic, as such users are more likely to convert to a sale for the hospitality service on offer.

Highlights your Selling-points

Hotel SEO enables you to use the landing pages on your hotel websites as top selling points instead of having to pay for advertising through other forms of internet marketing. Through appropriate keyword research, SEOs are able to determine the keywords that hotels and those in the hospitality service industry should optimize for in order to rank high on search engine results. A good hospitality marketing agency should be able to match the right keywords to your establishment’s key selling points to create content that sets you apart from your competition.


Number of Visitors on Your Website Increase

Hotel SEO services result in higher numbers of visitors on your website because of the coordinated strategy. Many hotels have social media pages but lack the skill to leverage their other pages on the web. SEO agencies create coordinated SEO strategies that link different pages online associated with the hospitality brand to maximize its visibility on Google.

Hotel SEO services will increase the number of visitors to a hotel website and also direct the right kind of audience to your website. You need to reach your target market; higher numbers of visitors don’t matter if they don’t contribute to your bottom line as a business.

It Enhances Brand Awareness

User trends have long shown a prevailing bias for results on page one, and many don’t search past that first page. This essentially means businesses have about a second to imprint their brand name in a user’s mind by ranking highly on Google. The hospitality industry is extremely saturated, so you want people to see your name before that of other hotels in your location.

Appearing on Google’s first page also gives your brand credibility because users tend to trust information and organic suggestions from Google. Hotel SEO helps in enhancing your brand awareness in the competition for business opportunities against rival hotels.

It Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

Not only does hotel SEO increase traffic to your website, but it also gives you vital information to keep you competitive. Since hotel SEO gives you quality visitors, you can collect information on trends in the hospitality industry. You get to know what keywords customers are searching for ahead of your competitors. The data provides you with relevant insight on areas that customers require solutions, which would not be possible to know if your website receives low traffic.

What Can Assertive Do for You?

Readily Available SEO Services

Assertive Media is a leading digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom with offices in London. We specialize in SEO services, PPC, content marketing, and digital marketing strategy. Our team has worked with companies in various industries to improve their online presence. We serve companies in London with both a local and global reach. Our SEO experts will get your property situated online, and bring you customers in no time.

Local SEO

Local SEO targets potential customers in the exact geographic location of the hotel. For example, if you are in London, you want to get the attention of local residents because this will lead to potential bookings. We create a local SEO strategy that increases the visibility of your hospitality business or company in your area.

Link Building

You want potential customers to land on your site from your social media pages and other sites online. We are strategy-driven, a quality that guides us in our search engine optimized link building to improve your ranking on search result pages. Link building increases the number of visitors on your website and affirms your authority in the hotel industry.

User Experience Optimization

You do not want to be a hotel website that offers users a poor experience, which then results in potential clients leaving the page prematurely. Google cares about its users’ experience on sites, so it doesn’t recommend sites with high bounce rates. Imagine getting good images of your property and creative content for hotel marketing only for potential clients to leave your site because it’s challenging to navigate. We know what experience customers are looking for, and we talk the language of search engines, and that makes us your preferred hospitality marketing agency.

Content Marketing

Regardless of the form of digital marketing, content quality is a critical aspect. Assertive Media offers content marketing services to our clients to boost the online presence of your company. Our hotel marketing agency team is well acquainted with keyword research and usage in creating content that reaches the right target. Content also helps with local SEO, which is essential in hotel SEO.

Technical SEO

Our services include revamping your website to decrease the loading time and optimize keywords, titles, and header tags. User experience on both PC and mobile affects your rankings on search engines, and our team of experts has the solution to your technical optimization issues.

Our SEO Brands

Why Assertive?

 We are an SEO company that you can trust to give you results. Our SEO experts are seasoned with experience in search engine optimization management and website development to help your business grow into a profitable enterprise. We have a long line of clients who can attest to our commitment to providing the best SEO services.

You are looking for an SEO agency that will help your hotel have a broader reach on the web, we’re here to guarantee that Assertive delivers. We have tried and tested SEO strategies that have run successful marketing campaigns for several hotels. Therefore, our assurance is that as you focus on your hotel’s services, we will focus on all your internet marketing.

We are straightforward with our costs, communication and we deliver what we promise. Our premium hotel marketing services will bring the right traffic to your hotel website and ultimately increase your bookings.

Hospitality SEO FAQs

How Do We Measure SEO Progress?

Search engine optimization has several key performance indicators. We offer monthly reports to our clients on the performance of their sites. Using several analysis tools, you can see data on traffic, Google ranking, keyword performance, among other metrics. Using this information, you can examine and monitor the performance progress of the SEO strategy.

How Much Will Hotel SEO Cost Us?

The price of SEO services differs depending on the needs of the business. We offer free SEO audit services to evaluate your SEO needs that in the end determine your quotation. Our pricing might be competitive, but our SEO services are definitely the best amongst those of other agencies out there. We focus on guaranteeing results, transparency, and a partner to walk the journey with you.

Is Search Engine Optimization the Best Marketing Strategy?

While there are other strategies such as PPC, SEO remains your best bet at marketing your brand’s site online. Firstly, SEO is more sustainable financially because you don’t have to rely on paying for advertising all the time.

SEO has many aspects that allow your business in the hotel industry to showcase its features to potential customers. By simply having an optimized website, relevant content that uses appropriate keywords, and linking these to your social media platforms, clients can find you through organic searches on search engines.

PPC advertising can be an effective way of increasing your website’s traffic, but it doesn’t guarantee conversion to sales, yet you pay for each click landing a user on your site. SEO strategy requires time and skill, which we as the SEO agency offer, but it also guarantees a better and more long-term ROI.

What Guarantees Can You Offer Us?

We guarantee your hotel website will have a better position in Google’s search results and other search engines. Can we guarantee the first position? No, and no SEO agency can assure you that, but we have several businesses that we have gotten to that coveted position. Our SEO strategies guarantee the online growth of your business which will also affect your profits.

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