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Travel & Tourism SEO to propel your travel company to new heights with the help of our award-winning search engine marketing services at Assertive.

SEO for Travel Agencies

 The modern traveller has a multitude of options for finding travel information.

From their phone, tablet or laptop, they can find every destination detail imaginable at the click of a button and are no longer limited to waiting in line with hoards of other travellers to speak with an agent.

The travel industry has changed with many small, medium-sized, and extensive travel agencies creating an online presence.

We provide travel data-driven, SEO services so that you don’t get lost in this sea of competitors.

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For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

SEO Case Study

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Allianz Global Investors

Assertive delivered a strategic PPC campaign for Allianz Global Investors to help increase sign-ups & campaign awareness whilst maximising ROI & keeping CPA down.

Assertive delivered a strong PPC campaign with very good results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Client Name – Designation

Allianz Global Investors is a global investment management firm managing assets on behalf of institutional & retail clients.

Why Travel SEO is Important

 The travel industry has changed over the years. A combination of technological advances, business innovations, and the demand for convenience has changed the traditional approach to travel in many ways. Most established companies provide holiday packages that entail flights, cabs, and accommodation.

However, in today’s market, there are also plenty of third-party agencies that offer direct booking to hotels at discounted prices. Take a company like Airbnb and the complete game-changer it’s been to the accommodation and travel industry.

Customers now have several options depending on their budget and how much priority they give to convenience. This means that they conduct thorough research on the internet for travel agencies and compare the deals on online travel sites.

You want Google to rank your travel company on the first page to get a shot at getting bookings. This is where travel SEO becomes integral to your digital marketing.

It’s Cost-friendly

Paid advertising on search engines like Google and Bing might seem like an excellent way to increase visibility, but organic traffic offers better long term returns for your brand.

As a travel company, you want to have better rankings on search engines using an organic approach that encompasses each page you have online. While it may seem like an uphill task, this is where our role as an SEO agency comes into play.

It Increases Traffic to your Site.

Travel SEO helps you increase the number of visits from organic search. You can use several strategies in your SEO campaign that boost your presence.

Many players in the travel industry focus on content marketing to attract customers, but you have to complement this with other areas such as technical SEO. Travel is visual, so user experience on your site is a part of marketing your travel agency. Travel SEO gives you a detailed guide on the areas to focus on to enhance your digital presence.

It helps you Showcase your Travel Business.

In a landscape as competitive as the travel industry, you need to highlight why you are the better choice. Often a business’s uniqueness comes from one or two elements, and travel SEO helps you curate content that brings out your strengths.

The tiny elements of your business can persuade potential customers to contact you instead of your competitor, so you need search engine optimization to help you capitalise on them. An SEO agency can help you design an SEO strategy that includes your site and social networks to showcase your features and confer you as an authority in the travel industry.

It allows you to Connect with your Targeted Audience

Sometimes buyers pick one business over another one because they feel more connected. Content helps you curate a specific persona that speaks to your target market better than your competitors. Travel SEO helps you accomplish this goal.

What Travel SEO Services does Assertive Offer?

Link Building

Link building in SEO can make you sound like an authority in whatever field. You want your pages as well as other people’s to link back to your site. Inbound links also indicate to search engines that you need to rank highly in search results. We provide link building for your website to leverage your social media pages and other sources of links.

We conduct outreach SEO to establish links with off-site websites to our client sites. This kind of link building is vital in creating greater organic search visibility. Ultimately, with a greater audience reach, leads for sales increase, and the brand grows.

Technical and On-page SEO

The travel industry is very competitive, so you need to optimise your website to achieve success as a travel agency. Our SEO team provides on-page SEO to enhance your visibility to the targeted traffic on Google. We understand search engine algorithm and focus on each aspect that will make your website stand out from other websites offering similar products. We optimise your keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, and site maps to ensure your travel company scores bookings with many customers.

Comprehensive Technical SEO Audits

Before you decide to engage the services of an SEO agency, you need to know the state of your website. We offer a comprehensive technical SEO audit at no cost at all. You get to see the areas in which your company is excelling, as well as the weak points that are denying you more business.

User Experience Optimisation

Google cares a lot about user experience and rewards websites that prioritise this with higher rankings. We work with you on your website or blog to ensure that whether your potential clients are using a PC or a mobile to do their search, they get the best possible experience.

Our team knows the best tactics when designing a website to ensure that your website is responsive, has simple navigation, and provides value to the user.

Content Marketing

We also provide content marketing services for businesses. Travel companies depend on content to acquire leads, eventually converting them into revenue for the business. Assertive has a team of content writers who create premium content in line with your content strategy.

We provide blog posts, social media posts, website landing pages that factor in SEO best practices. We make sure that your business provides clients with relevant content that aids in your Google ranking.


Keyword Research

We have expertise in keyword research thanks to our SEO team, whose members have over 12 years of experience in the industry. We also have tools that guide us on the appropriate usage of keywords to drive organic traffic to your website. Successful SEO strategies and campaigns depend on keyword usage to drive targeted traffic to a website for growth, and we guarantee this.

Our SEO Brands

Why Choose us?


“We help you get the most out of every online traveller!”

We are an Authority in SEO

Assertive Media is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK. We provide services to local, national, and international companies. We have a grasp on SEO best practices that guarantee increased traffic to your website, improved performance on Google ranking and other search engines, keywords usage, and premium content creation.

Although we also provide PPC services, our SEO strategies aim at helping businesses perform well in any organic search. Our SEO experts have delivered results for many companies in the past, and we will do the same for your travel website. Choose Assertive for your next marketing campaign, for guaranteed ROI on your spend.

We are Transparent

We boast of a client retention period of over five years, and transparency has been a considerable contributor to this. From the onset, we conduct an analysis on your site to gauge your SEO needs, generate a quotation and then design an SEO strategy for your brand.

After implementation, we monitor the performance of the strategy and provide you with comprehensive monthly reports. If the strategy fails to attract the desired audience, we re-evaluate to ensure you get an ROI. We have no hidden costs and never over-promise on our deliverables. You also get an account manager whom you can communicate with on any matter relating to your business.

We are Data-driven

As a travel business, you know the numbers matter. Search engine optimization is all about numbers. The traffic on a site, traffic from organic search, ranking on search results, and keyword research help generate statistics that inform our content and keywords strategy. Further, our numbers from previous campaigns speak to our capability as an SEO agency.

Our SEO for travel strategy factors in data from the travel industry and performance numbers to ensure our clients meet their targeted revenue.

We are a White-hat Agency.

Many SEO agencies focus more on the short-term results, which sometimes lead to long-term disasters. Using unscrupulous methods to improve search engine rankings might work for a while but eventually, it catches up with the culprits. Black-hat methods can lead to hefty penalties like Google not ranking your site. We play by the rules and focus on quality instead of using shortcuts. We know what works and will use it to improve your site’s performance.

We are Professional

We provide premium digital marketing and SEO services. We have an outlined turn-around time, and we meet your expectations. Our team consists of digital marketing professionals with a proven track record. We have worked hard to gain our reputation, so we treat our clients like our partners. We are committed to working with you for the long haul, and strategies require continuous monitoring. We walk the SEO journey with you to ensure you maintain the targeted performance level.

We know how valuable having a trustworthy business partner is, so we offer you precisely that. You can trust us. Our team provides premium services for all our customers regardless of size or industry.


Travel SEO Management FAQS

Can you Guarantee a First-page Ranking on Google?

The honest answer to this question is no. It would be best if you avoided any SEO agency that says otherwise and avoid them like the plague. We are a white-hat agency, so we use ethical and legal methods to improve ranking on search engines.

We have knowledge of what a search engine factors in when ranking websites and pages. Our SEO experts use this knowledge to optimise visibility, content, and user experience, but the results differ depending on the industry.

The travel industry is competitive, with each agency providing similar travel services. Whether it’s in bookings, accommodation, or travel plans, several businesses will have similar offerings. Essentially this means that keyword competition is high. However, we create an SEO strategy for each customer that improves their ranking.

We have had many businesses that we have worked with appear on the top page of Google search results. We guarantee growth, easier discovery on search engines, and success in your SEO campaign.

How much will it cost us?

We understand your cost concerns, so we provide different packages for different businesses. The first thing we do with our customers is run an analysis on their SEO needs. The free audit gives us an idea of where you are and your SEO needs before proceeding to create an SEO package that fits your needs.

Sometimes customers feel a bit hesitant to spend on SEO because of previous experiences with other SEO agencies whose methods don’t deliver in the long run. However, once you work with us, you will definitely change your minds as we deliver a high ROI on your marketing spend.

Why Should we Avoid Black-hat Agencies?

Imagine going to an SEO agency for travel SEO only to have Google ban you from ranking on the search results. Black-hat agencies use tricks that rank you highly in results but increase your penalty risk. Google is aware that some site managers use dubious methods to enhance their visibility, so they monitor the system for such loopholes. Using a black-hat agency will give you short term success but has adverse effects in the long run.

When Should we Expect Results?

Organic growth of sites takes a couple of weeks. Realistically, it can take up to three months but not more than six months to see results from your strategy. A combination of technical and content optimisation in your SEO for travel should yield results for your company. Additionally, we provide constant monitoring of all our campaigns. Our team provides our customers with real-time data on their performances.

Whichever strategy we recommend will be the one that will deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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