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Assertive offer exceptional SEO consultancy services to UK and international businesses.  We are honoured to have won awards over our 15 year span of providing our results-oriented SEO consulting & digital marketing expertise.

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In today’s technology-infused world, digital marketing is essential for any business – regardless of your niche and budget.

Gaining a place on the search engine results page takes a lot of time, commitment and expertise – which is why so many people turn to SEO consultancy services for support.

At Assertive, we’ve supported many businesses to develop an SEO strategy that encourages growth, generates customer loyalty and drives forward more sales.

Our team works on a range of projects and have built an award-winning agency that puts client satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

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Assertive is the #1 healthcare SEO agency

For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

Our data-driven, patient-centric strategies are designed to position you as the leading choice in a crowded digital landscape, standing out in the search engines as the #1 healthcare service provider in your field.

SEO Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in


Craft Irish Whiskey Co

Assertive designed and built a new website for the Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Because of the kinds of clientele buying the product, the website had to be high quality and maintain key UX factors.

The guys at Assertive did a good job with the new website – we’ve definitely seen an uplift in leads with the new website – pleased.

Client Name – Jay Bradley

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co is a high-end luxury whiskey brand based in Ireland.

How SEO Consulting Can Build Your Business

To be successful with SEO, you need to focus on staying up to date with the current trends and be ready to embrace the volatility of Google’s algorithm. Our team spends most of their day performing SEO, so we’re always prepared to share our expertise with clients.

We Keep Our Ears to the Ground

The online world is continually evolving, and getting your business on search engines is difficult. We know Google well and have been around for many algorithm changes, so our team is always ready to adapt any strategy to achieve the right results.

SEO Provides The Foundations For You to Build Something Incredible

Every element of your marketing strategy should be infused with SEO, especially regarding content marketing. Search engine optimisation provides a blueprint for your blog posts and sets website health standards.

Using an SEO consultant means you can get the best results for your site and build a much better brand.

You Can Focus On Other Areas, While Our Specialists Do The Hard Work

If you started your own company, the chances are you want to do something you’re passionate about. Most people hate doing the administrative and SEO work for their website and prefer to focus on what they enjoy.

Using our in-house team of specialists enables you to let us carry the load while you focus on other areas of your business.

Our SEO Consultant Services

We work with businesses throughout the UK and internationally, providing advice on technical, local and on-page SEO. As a link building agency with an impressive background, we can also help you grow your backlink profile and create content that sets you apart as a brand.

Whether you’d like short term support or would like us to manage your entire SEO plan, we offer a range of targeted services to boost your site.

Competitive Analysis

As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. It couldn’t be more true for online marketing. Your competitors can provide valuable insights into how they market their company and which areas they lack.

We know that performing regular analysis can highlight how you measure up against your competitors and open up gaps for you to gain a stronghold within your industry.

SEO Audits

Your current SEO strategy might be holding you back, so we’ll look at every element of your on-page, local and technical SEO to identify areas for improvement. Once we have a clear picture of what’s going wrong, we’ll be able to put a comprehensive strategy in place.

Many of our clients might have a solid on-page strategy, but an audit shows there are issues with the technical elements of their site. We’re able to do a deep dive and make amendments according to the data we uncover.

Keyword Research & Content Strategy

Keywords are central to ensuring your website achieves the proper organic visibility. Content marketing is essential to drive forward customer loyalty and create a brand people want to be a part of.

We know how to find the right keywords for your needs and always focus on providing unique content suggestions that cement your business as an industry authority.

Technical Support

When Google announced that it would be including technical SEO factors into its complicated ranking algorithm, many businesses panicked. But while it might seem worrying, technical SEO is a good thing because it creates a better user experience.

We’ll look at everything from your page loading speed to crawlability to get a clear picture of how we can improve your website.

Our SEO Brands

Why Choose Assertive as Your SEO Consultants?

Companies across the UK choose us as their SEO consultants because we have extensive experience developing and implementing targeted digital marketing strategies. We pride ourselves on offering a fully bespoke experience and believe that sharing our knowledge is the best way to help small businesses succeed with their SEO campaign.

We've Been Doing This For Years.

Throughout our years of extensive experience, we’ve seen Google update its algorithm many times and are specialists at meeting the increasing demands every website must meet to climb up the search engines.

Building an award-winning SEO team takes a lot of time and commitment to perfection, but we’re proud of the Assertive squad and know that our experience sets us apart from other agencies.

Our Multi-Talented Team Hits The Spot

One reason our SEO consultancy services are so popular is due to our team of experts. We always make sure we have specialists in every area of digital marketing, which enables us to provide a full-service approach to each client.

Experienced SEO consultants will handle the technical elements of your strategy, while our writers will provide high-quality content that enhances your keyword strategy. Working in collaboration enables us to offer a premium service at cost-effective prices, and we guarantee you’ll be impressed with our multi-talented team.

We're A Results-Driven Agency

Data is the difference between an effective SEO strategy and one that fails to hit the target. We use advanced technology to analyse every element of your website and marketing efforts to get a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

Our team will look at everything from your website conversion rate to market share, organic traffic and how your business compares to other websites. By evaluating your web pages and coming up with a better process, we guarantee we’ll increase your success rates.

The Four-Step Process to SEO Consulting

Our SEO team doesn’t believe in red tape, which is why we try to streamline our onboarding process, so you can skip the boring stuff and get straight to optimisation strategies that will grow your business. In just a few short steps, your website could be on the map with relevant content and a plan that sets you apart from industry competitors.

Step One: Free Consultation

Booking a free consultation with our team couldn’t be easier, and it’s an excellent opportunity for us to learn about you – and vice versa. We’ll discuss the issues you’re facing and talk about how we can help you.

Step Two: SEO Auditing

Perhaps the most essential step in our process – SEO auditing is about taking an in-depth look at the health of your website and how customers relate to your business. We’ll look at your previous campaigns, keyword density, and the technical elements of your website.

Doing this enables us to see how many of your leads turn into conversions and develop a solution as to how we can improve your website’s performance.

Step Three: Strategy/Implementation

Once we know what your SEO strategy lacks, our experts will develop a plan to improve your organic presence and encourage more conversions. Implementing these improvements takes time, and while we offer recommendations, we’ll always work to your specifications.

Each of our proven techniques can turn your brand from a small business nobody notices to one of the top authorities within your industry.

Step Four: Report/Review

Once your SEO campaign is active, your dedicated SEO consultant and an account manager will provide regular updates in the form of monthly reports. These reports will show you how successful the strategy is and measure several KPI’s, which we’ll set with you before the work begins.

In some cases, our team might advise you to take a new route with your SEO plan, but we’ll always consult with you before any decisions are made.

Would You Like to Learn More About Our SEO Consultancy Services?

If you’d like to enquire about our SEO consultancy services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly digital marketing team. We’ve supported numerous businesses with their search engine marketing efforts and would love to do the same for you.

With a bespoke approach to everything we do, choosing to work with Assertive means you can benefit from our many years of experience and commitment to perfection. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your SEO consultancy get me to the top of the search engine results page?

We never make any guarantees because we refuse to compromise our reputation and your credibility by providing black-hat SEO. Everything we do is in line with Google’s best practice guidelines, so while we’ve helped many businesses get to the top of the search engine results, we don’t make any guarantees.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, we offer a range of services to encourage business growth, including content marketing, link building, social media management and PPC advertising.

How do I know I can trust you?

We’ve built a strong reputation through our many years in business and are proud to be one of the UK’s leading marketing and SEO consultancy providers around. You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager, and we never fail to deliver on our promises.

Can you help me get better links?

Link building is one of our most popular services, and it goes hand in hand with SEO consulting. We’ll always go out of our way to find high-quality publications and get you those elusive links.

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The Four-Step Process to SEO Consulting

Our SEO team doesn’t believe in red tape, which is why we try to streamline our onboarding process, so you can skip the boring stuff and get straight to optimisation strategies that will grow your business.

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