Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of analysing a website & documenting all known SEO / UX issues into an actionable report with the intention of improving keyword rankings across major search engines.

Technical SEO Services

A pretty, aesthetically pleasing website & website content written to absolute perfection is great, but, if your website is plagued with underlying technical SEO issues then you can expect your SEO performance to suffer & your overall organic visibility to be hindered.

The degree of SEO performance degradation will depend entirely on how deep-rooted SEO issues are within your website.

Our bespoke technical SEO services help to audit & produce clear, concise & actionable recommendations to address and resolve all outstanding SEO issues & failures to meet best practices.

For most businesses employing an SEO agency – a technical SEO audit will usually happen early in the relationship as no SEO campaign can progress with technical website flaws, bugs & crawl issues outstanding.

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For over 15 years, Assertive has been delivering SEO for healthcare clients. Our approach to healthcare SEO is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry's nuances and the critical nature of healthcare decisions.

We combine this knowledge with revolutionary SEO techniques, setting a gold standard in healthcare digital marketing.

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SEO Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in



Reduction in


Oxford City Council

Assertive built a new, organic traffic friendly and user-focused website that incorporated updated design on a new content management platform allowing the client more control.

We were really happy with the delivery from Assertive – they designed and built a really nice looking website which was far more functional and easier to manage. They helped us to reach more customers which is fantastic – very pleased

Client Name – Ajud Mohammed

Oxford City Council provides local government for the city of Oxford and is part of a network of councils covering Oxfordshire.

Technical SEO & On Page – What We Do

Website Technical SEO Audit

We’ll produce a comprehensive website audit highlighting all technical fixes in a priority order.

Search Performance Analysis

We’ll ascertain the impact a websites current technical setup is having on organic positioning.

Technical Implementation

Assertive offers full development & implementation services to fix all known technical issues from an SEO audit.

Technical Enhancements

Assertive can identify opportunities for technical enhancements to improve site performance further.

PageSpeed Insights Improvements

Suffering from poor site speeds? fail to validate in Google PageSpeed Insights? We provide full PageSpeed Improvements.

Responsive Testing

As part of a technical website audit, we also conduct thorough device responsive testing through our test accelerator.

Security Auditing

Our technical SEO on page auditing covers website security to prevent potential hacks & Google penalties related to spam injection.

CDN Implementation & Management

As part of our technical on page SEO auditing, we can also provide services for CDN implementation for added site speed & security.

SEO Audits

No SEO campaign or SEO services will deliver results to the same degree if fundamental SEO & technical SEO issues remain when undertaking any SEO campaign. It’s important that any SEO efforts address the websites fundamental infrastructure first – paving the way for a clear foundation to which a proper SEO campaign can be executed, maximising the benefits of search engine optimisation and providing the best possible user experience for new traffic.

There is and always has been an intrinsic gap between website developers, designers & coders & those who perform SEO – many websites are often built without SEO consideration – instead focusing primarily on the design, wireframes, and infrastructure – it’s this gap that has driven the need for technical SEO services & SEO audits.

An SEO audit is the first port of call for many businesses embarking on an SEO campaign – an on-page SEO audit will identify all of the issues that remain underlying within the website / content management system – these issues can then be presented for resolution via “SEO Recommendations” and best practice guidelines.

What are Technical On Page SEO Best Practices?

  • Fully Responsive Website across All Devices
  • Fast page load speeds (Google PageSpeed Validation)
  • Positive user experience (FCP, LCP, CLS, TTI)
  • Think With Google Site Speed Testing
  • Googlebot Mobile-Friendly testing & resource accessibility
  • Duplicate content checks
  • Clean, Well Structured Website URL Configuration
  • No website crawl errors, anomalies or page time-outs
  • Unique Meta Data, Content, URL’s, Anchors, Page Setup
  • Fully Accessible Content & Non-Blocking Page Rendering
  • Structured Navigation & Consistent Paths

The technical capabilities demonstrated by Assertive were outstanding. We had a full website audit & recommendations which when implemented, really helped to drive growth.

Francesca Fasan –

Why Is Technical SEO Important

Technical SEO is important because it fundamentally underpins how users and search engines will use and interpret the website. Technical SEO can impact both search engine crawlers (such as Googlebot) as well as end-users who may inadvertently stumble on broken pages or pages that do not load properly, are slow, jerky or have responsive issues.

Every website visitor will expect a website to load quickly, flawlessly, to work properly on any device and to be entirely usable – failing this, visitors won’t transact, will bounce and ultimately will paint a negative picture of user experience – something that will become a critical ranking factor over time – especially as Google RankBrain applies more and more weighting to user interaction signals.

Now, it’s more important than ever to have an SEO strategy that incorporates a thorough technical SEO audit that looks at all on page SEO issues. Our in house technical SEO consultancy will provide a fully integrated auditing solution for your website & business.

What We’ll Do

  • Identify All Technical SEO Issues
  • Provide Clean & Concise Recommendations
  • Repair, Fix and Optimise the Website
  • Benchmark, Test and Monitor the Website
  • Test Search Engines Crawl Capabilities
  • Check Search Engine Indexes for Rogue or Defunct Pages
  • Deliver an Exceptional Onpage SEO Service
  • Conduct Search Engine Renders
  • Check Search Engines for SPA Accessibility
  • SEO Team Page Integrity Checks
  • New Website Sub Domain Checks

From seasoned SEO experts with infallible knowledge of technical SEO to SEO specialists with extensive experience in site migrations – Assertive offers an all in one solution for businesses looking for an SEO agency with the capabilities to deliver audits that drive digital transformation alongside organic growth.

Technical SEO Agency Services

Assertive provides a fluid ERP process for clients looking to address technical SEO factors as well as any pre-existing issues that may be impeding rankings / SEO performance.

Our technical SEO agency provides SEO audits for WordPress, SEO audits for Shopify, SEO audits for Magento, Bigcommerce, Drupal, Laravel and more!

We also provide technical audits for more advanced solutions including SPAs (single page applications) – Angular, NODEJS amongst hundreds of other technologies & platforms.

Our extensive expertise in website auditing means we are not bound or restricted by any website technologies, server configurations or website infrastructure.

For many businesses big or small, time is of the essence when it comes to SEO issues, organic performance losses, ranking dropouts, and other impedances caused as a result of website technical issues, non-compliance or failure to meet best practice when it comes to search engine optimisation.

Website Migrations

Every year, businesses in the UK and across the globe spend over £10bn on website migrations – and for many, the process is generally more complex. Transitioning from one website platform to another or a move from one CMS to another can often bring with it a plethora of technical SEO issues.

Our technical website auditing & risk reduction service will help to mitigate risk, preserve existing rankings, and to assess both environments to minimise website disruption as a result of migration.

Our digital marketing experts can provide full guidance on migrations – simply get in contact with us to see how we can help reduce risk, save time, save money & protect rankings & search engine indexing.

Improving Search Engine Results

Our technical SEO team is well versed when it comes to delivering an SEO strategy that preserves existing rankings but also provides a roadmap to IMPROVING rankings.

It’s no secret, SEO issues both on-page and off-page can cause ranking loss, unstable rankings, complete ranking drop out’s & erratic traffic as a result.

We analyse search results to assess which best practice elements are most weighted in the businesses target niche/sector – our SEO consultancy will note everything that could be impacting the flow of organic traffic.

From the elimination of canonicalisation & cannibalisation through to the resolution of slow pages, broken links, server errors, crawl issues, malformed URLS, poor on page optimisation, inefficient website navigation & structure, inconsistent URLS & lots more – there isn’t anything our SEO experts will miss when conducting a thorough technial audit of your new website or pre-existing website.

Making Websites Faster & Better on Mobiles

Our technical SEO services cover low, medium and high priority SEO issues. Google’s ranking algorithms are moving towards user experience, engagement & interaction signals.

Google has rolled out “Core Web Vitals” which effectively addresses how fast a website loads, how stable it is during loading (shifting interface and design), how quickly the website becomes interactive & the total time taken for the website to load.

Whilst internet & mobile broadband/data speeds have increased significantly in the last decade, Google wants to move to a faster, more secure web.

This means that whilst 4g and 5g connectivity boom – fundamentally your website should still load as quickly as possible and should be fluid, non-jerky, and pleasant to use on a mobile.

Our SEO team has extensive knowledge in speeding up websites, improving mobile UX and ensuring that search engines can index them quickly & easily.

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