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In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and a group of students founded the worlds most famous social network. Facebook initially started as a networking platform, but its growth means it’s now a business hub, e-commerce network and dating agency.

Perhaps one of Facebook’s most valuable features is its advertising platform, enabling businesses to reach a wider audience.

For many businesses, Facebook Ads can provide a highly targeted approach to appealing to their target audience, but it can be a complex platform to navigate.

We specialise in planning and implementing paid social media ads that provide your business with excellent growth opportunities.

With a diverse team of experts, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to the best Facebook advertising services that maximise your conversions and minimise your spending.

Social Media Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in


Warranty Direct

Assertive created a digital strategy for each marketing channel; SEO, PPC, SOCIAL and UX/UI channels that worked to improve digital performance across the board.

We were very pleased with Assertive’s performance throughout the duration of the campaign. They have demonstrated a strong fundamental understanding of our marketplace & have been able to turn that knowledge into results.

Client Name – Carolina Viola, Head of Marketing

Warranty Direct is a UK based warranty provider founded in 1997 by David & Duncan McClure. Warranty Direct offer comprehensive car warranty cover for a wide range of car manufacturers with flexible policy options & everything drivers need to keep their car running.

Why Is Facebook Ads a Necessity?

Technology has provided us with so many opportunities, and it’s hard to remember that there was a time where the internet didn’t exist, and smartphones were just a dream. But more opportunities for businesses also means higher competition.

Advertising on Facebook requires a lot of time and strategising, but the results are worth it when it’s done right.

Facebook ads offer many opportunities for small businesses to refine their social media marketing strategy – let’s take a look at why it’s such a valuable platform.

The Platform is So Diverse

Yes, Facebook is one of those social media platforms that most people use. If someone says they don’t have a Facebook profile, most would consider them to be weird. While Twitter and Instagram have their place, you cannot deny that Facebook is still the place for businesses to advertise.

With around 2.89 billion monthly users worldwide, there are so many opportunities to reach your target audience.

There are also groups for hobbies, interests and professions, so you can target the advertisements to specific demographics, which will drive through more engagement.

It Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential because the average consumer wants more than a faceless company providing products or services. The internet and smartphones mean people are more connected now than ever, so if a brand doesn’t represent a degree of humanity, people won’t connect with it.

You can use stories and video ads to connect with your audience and increase brand awareness. Marketing is about getting people to become aware of your brand and using their interests to turn them into loyal customers.

Facebook provides you with the best opportunity to increase your followers and communicate with them via the platform.

You Can Gain Valuable Insights About Your Competitors

Not only does Facebook provide you with the opportunity to spy on what your competitors are posting about, but it also has a useful Ad library function. You can review your competition and see what they’re doing that works, which gives you an idea of the strategy you can build.

In most cases, there will always be a gap for your company to fill, and being able to spy on your competitors will make it a lot easier to find those gaps.

Our Facebook Ad Agency Delivers Results

What makes us different from other Facebook advertising agencies? Well, we have a multi-talented team of digital marketing experts at our disposal, and each member contributes their skills to deliver stunning ad campaigns.

We offer a range of Facebook Ads services, so regardless of your goals and objectives, we can help you to succeed on the worlds most prominent social media platform.

We Create Facebook Ad Copy That Sells

Your ad copy will be directly responsible for the clicks and conversions each Facebook advertisement generates, but people always struggle with the copywriting side of things. As one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, we have a diverse team of copywriters that know how to place your brand in the best light.

Whether you’re selling products or advertising services, our multi-talented team will create copy that gets clicks and sets you apart from your competitors.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Every Facebook campaign must reach the right audience, which requires a lot of strategy and targeting. Luckily, the platform has a range of options, including gender, age range, profession, behaviours and interests, so you can pinpoint your adverts to reach a niche group.

This is incredibly beneficial because you’ll only spend money on qualified leads instead of irrelevant ones. For example, a company that sells baby clothes won’t want to advertise to young professionals or teenagers, so they can streamline their advertisements to ensure they minimise ad spend.

Our team knows how to define the right audience and segment each advert in your campaign, so you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Effective A/B Testing

Instead of the trial and error approach, A/B testing gives businesses an in-depth look at how their adverts perform and whether they’re reaching the right people. We always use A/B testing because it provides valuable data for us to fine-tune each campaign.

We’ll try different advert types, graphics and content to understand what your audience likes, so we can use the information to develop a more effective long-term campaign that keeps your people coming back for more.

Ad Retargeting

Our Facebook advertising agency is skilled at retargeting both Facebook and Instagram ads to maintain your online presence with audience members interested in your business. Retargeting works by following your audience’s search intent and behaviours to ensure you reach more customers online.

For example, if someone visits your website or social media page, our online marketing experts will be able to set up retargeting to make sure they remember you and are more likely to return to your site or page.

Our Accreditations

Why Choose Assertive For Your Facebook Campaigns?

When it comes to advertising, the Assertive approach is always best. As a top UK digital marketing agency, our team works together to provide each client with effective solutions. If you want to grow and increase your sales, working with our team can ensure you get the best results without overspending.

Our Team Collaborates to Deliver Results

Do you want to reach more Facebook users but aren’t sure of the right strategy?

Our team specialises in collaborating on campaigns to drive through results. Working with us means you get access to marketing strategists, graphic designers and copywriters who will refine your ad campaign and make sure it delivers.

You’ll also have a dedicated account manager to support you and keep you updated so that you can make the most of our service.

We Go The Extra Mile

Assertive was built on one thing; a dedication to achieving excellence. We’re a proactive agency that knows the key to succeeding in the marketing industry is going the extra mile and offering high-quality campaigns for competitive agency fees.

Our commitment to ensuring we improve your lead generation rates and drive sales sets us apart because we’re willing to put the time and effort in to get the right results.

As one of the UK’s leading companies, we’ve helped many clients go from small businesses to large companies and can do the same for you.

We offer a Full-Service Facebook Ads Management Experience.

The best Facebook advertising agencies get to know your company and target audience. Instead of creating ads and hoping for the best, they make sure there’s a comprehensive understanding of what makes your potential customers tick and how to get you in front of them.

We can help you manage your Facebook accounts and refine your Facebook page to get new customers through the adverts we create for you.

The full-service approach works because Facebook has a variety of advertising opportunities, including video ads, stories and Facebook messenger ads. We’ll make sure you have the best chance of success and offer support to secure more business leads.

We’ve seen a strong growth in social media following & interaction since Assertive took over our social media posting & strategy.

– Jack Jones

You Can Access Our Service In a Few Easy Steps

We pride ourselves on providing the best Facebook, Instagram and social media services so our clients can reach the right audiences and secure more leads. We’ve helped many clients reach their business goals and achieve their desired results, which we attribute to our passionate team, and simple onboarding process.

You don’t want to wait for ages for our work to begin, so we try to make things straightforward as possible. We’ll run your campaigns and send the right message to your potential customers in just a few simple steps.

Step One: Free Consultation

We get that you want a company that knows how to run campaigns and get results, so we always encourage interested clients to arrange a free consultation. It enables us to learn more about your business objectives and understand why you might not be meeting your goals.

You can also ask us about our previous work, and we’ll be happy to share ideas on how we can generate more leads and increased sales for your company.

Step Two: The Strategy

Whether you want to market your brand on just Facebook or take advantage of Instagram advertising, too, we’ll come up with an effective strategy to set you apart from other companies in your industry.

The strategy takes time to develop, and we have to consider many factors, including creating customer personas to understand your target market more and defining the customer journey.

We’ll also perform in-depth analysis to understand how to use new ideas to take your audience from the awareness stage to loyal customers.

Step Three: Implementation

Our Facebook advertising agency can help you to plan, create and implement your campaign, and you can be as involved as you want to be. We see ourselves as your Facebook marketing partner, so we are happy to step back or manage the entire campaign depending on your preferences.

Step Four: Reporting/Review

Installing a Facebook pixel lets us gain valuable insights into how your social media strategy is performing across all marketing channels. We’ll send you bespoke reports based on the metrics we agree on while creating your plan.

Doing this enables us to understand how well your campaigns perform and make changes to any paid social advertising campaigns.

Would You Like to Learn More About Our Facebook Advertising Services?

As one of the premier Facebook Ad agencies in the UK, we’re confident we can provide everything you need to get positive results from your campaigns.

Our team specialises in helping you build strong relationships with your customers, and we take a proactive approach to everything we do.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us and arrange your free consultation.

It’s your opportunity to talk about your needs and our chance to explain how we can support you to grow your small business.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today, so we can help you discover a better future without the extra work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Assertive over other agencies?

We offer a full-service approach to our clients, including website design, SEO, content marketing and advertising across all social channels. Our dynamic approach means you can combine services and choose the best strategy for your business – with our support.

Do I need to use Facebook advertising agencies?

If you’re not a Facebook expert, we’d recommend using an agency because Facebook and Instagram are difficult to advertise on if you don’t have experience. There’s so much to think about, including choosing the right demographics and segmenting adverts based on interests and behaviours.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we know how to make the most of your social media marketing budget and get the desired results through strategic targeting.

Why should I use Facebook instead of Google Ads?

When it comes to lead ads, you can use multiple platforms, so we never advise people to choose Facebook over Google Ads because both platforms are handy. Facebook is just one advertising platform, but we believe it provides the best results for small budget businesses, which is why we recommend it.

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