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Every successful brand has one thing in common; loyal customers.

There’s a big difference between someone who buys a product or service once and those that stick around.

With competition on social media platforms fiercer than ever, an influencer might be the solution to your problems.

Influencer marketing is about connecting with people known as industry authorities and getting them to promote your business.

Getting started with influencer marketing campaigns can be daunting, but we’re Assertive by name – and nature.

Our multi-talented outreach team can help you connect with the right influencers and expand your reach across social media platforms.

Influencer Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in


Warranty Direct

Assertive created a digital strategy for each marketing channel; SEO, PPC, SOCIAL and UX/UI channels that worked to improve digital performance across the board.

We were very pleased with Assertive’s performance throughout the duration of the campaign. They have demonstrated a strong fundamental understanding of our marketplace & have been able to turn that knowledge into results.

Client Name – Carolina Viola, Head of Marketing

Warranty Direct is a UK based warranty provider founded in 1997 by David & Duncan McClure. Warranty Direct offer comprehensive car warranty cover for a wide range of car manufacturers with flexible policy options & everything drivers need to keep their car running.

Why You Need Influencer Marketing Campaigns

You’ll find there’s competition in any industry, and that’s something that no business can avoid. But if you feel like a tiny fish in a sea full of sharks, it might be time to utilise the full power of influencer marketing for your brand.

Not only will the right influencers provide growth for your brand, but they’ll also set you apart from your competitors.

More Credibility

If someone’s willing to promote your products or services, then that must mean they’re valuable, right? That’s what your audience will think if they see an influencer posting about your business.

We all read reviews, and now more than ever, consumers want to know about each brand as a whole. Your audience interests have shifted from single product reviews because people don’t want to buy from a brand they dislike.

For example, it’s unlikely that someone passionate about animal rights would buy from a brand that uses animal testing. It doesn’t matter how good the product reviews are; if the brand doesn’t match their interests and beliefs, people will go elsewhere.

Having an influencer advertise your brand to target audiences is a fantastic way to reach the right people and show them that your company is credible.

Influencers Create Amazing Brands

A business will only ever be a brand if it connects with consumers. Brands grow from customer loyalty and support, which is why so many companies are willing to invest a lot of money on-brand campaigns that will set them apart from the competition.

Using an influencer is a great way to ensure others know what your brand is all about and why you’re unique. When an influencer talks about your brand with their audience, it automatically generates more intrigue, and you’ll notice more awareness through your influencer marketing campaign.

Higher Conversion Rates

Trying to get your target audience to notice and trust your brand is a real challenge, especially when you’re a new company. In 2018, The ROBO Economy published a report showing that when it comes to making a purchase, 82% of consumers check their phones before they make a purchase to learn more about a product, and 45% read reviews.

Top influencers can support you with impactful campaigns, which will make you more socially powerful. If you don’t have lots of reviews to back up your product/service, using an influencer is a shortcut to more sales, so you can begin to compete with well-known brands in your industry.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Most social media influencers have a blog or YouTube channel, and they usually share content through their chosen social platform but publish it on their website – which is good news for you! More backlinks mean higher rankings on the search engines and more visibility.

Organic traffic is essential, and if you can find an influencer that enhances your content creation and SEO strategy, you can see significant growth in a short amount of time.

Our Global Influencer Marketing Agency Offers a Targeted Approach to Drive Forward More Loyalty

Assertive is one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, and our diverse team of professionals deliver high-impact solutions for brands that want to achieve more. Your brand deserves the best, and as a long-running agency, we’ve seen trends come and go.

We’re always ready to adapt, evolve and conquer, so if you’re looking for a full-service solution, you’re in the right place.

Influencer marking is more important now than ever, especially with video content continuing to grow, thanks to platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. We create and manage campaigns so you can reach your target market and connect with the right audience.

Targeted Influencer Selection

Finding the right influencer depends on numerous factors, and with so many people trying to become influencers, it’s essential to understand your needs. Our team will look at your budget and business goals to ensure we find influencers that suit your preferences.

While some social media channels are more suited to specific businesses, we’ll do our best to find relevant influencers within your niche. In some cases, your budget might not be enough for a top influencer. Still, growing channels can provide an excellent opportunity for both the brand and personality to develop a long-term working relationship.

Sourcing Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are ideal for niche businesses because they provide a more targeted approach to paid social media marketing. Micro-influencers are everyday people with 3000 or more followers, and their content usually focuses on a specific niche.

For example, a Facebook page dedicated to rollerskates could be ideal for a business that provides skates instead of asking an extreme sports influencer to advertise on their social media platform.

We’ll perform in-depth research to identify potential opportunities for your brand and make sure we always find the most relevant influencers.

Campaign Strategy and Management

Influencer marketing campaigns require a lot of strategising because there are so many elements to consider. Influencer identification, developing a campaign concept and creating user-generated content is essential for the process, but even social media agencies struggle to succeed.

As a full-service agency, we excel in all areas of digital marketing, so we’re confident that we can develop the best social media campaigns that turn small businesses into global brands.

It’s a tough job, but we’re up for the challenge.

In-Depth Reporting

If you want to build your brand but don’t have time to check in with your influencers and monitor their success, our influencer campaign management services will provide you with regular reports so that you can track the success of your strategy.

We’re happy to talk you through what the data means and provide valuable suggestions to refine your influencer marketing campaign and get better results.

Our SEO Brands

Why Choose Us Over Other Influencer Marketing Agencies?

Assertive specialises in connecting brands with their target audience and helping them grow through targeted marketing. We’ve been doing this for many years, and since 2007, our agency has supported brands with their campaign narrative.

We’ve become one of the top influencer marketing agencies in recent years but offer full-service solutions for businesses that want to achieve more.

Our Leading Agency Specialises In Building Brands

We’re not your average SEO agency, and we’re not a dedicated influencer agency. Why? Because we know that building a brand requires more than one marketing technique or channel, and we specialise in combining a range of marketing techniques to generate long-lasting results.

We’ll run campaigns on social media and connect you with the best influencers while ensuring other areas of your marketing strategy, including SEO, and PPC work in harmony with the influencer marketing campaigns.

We Take A Collaborative Approach to Digital Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing process requires a collaborative approach; there’s no doubt about that. Market research specialists help define goals, and outreach teams will find the right influencers for your campaign.

In some cases, you might need content for the social media campaigns, depending on your budget. Some influencers are willing to share your content but will charge a lot more for a bespoke post written by them.

Our team works together on our influencer campaigns to ensure you reach your target audience and excel in content creation.

It’s All About The Results

If you’re sick of other agencies that never maintain their promise to stay in contact, you’ll love our results-driven approach. We back up everything we do with data to make the right decisions for your brand’s future.

You’ll receive in-depth reporting for everything, including your demographic info, to the influencer marketing campaign and how well your influencer content performs.

We provide each of our clients with a dedicated account manager, so you’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark with Assertive.

We’ve seen a strong growth in social media following & interaction since Assertive took over our social media posting & strategy.

– Jack Jones

Our Easy Onboarding Process Gives You Flexibility and Convenience

When it comes to providing a full-service influencer marketing agency, we’re confident that you’ll love our no-nonsense approach to getting things done. We’ve seen it all before, where agencies have a backlog of work and clients are left wondering if they’ll ever see results.

Assertive was founded because clients don’t get the service they pay for, and we decided to do something about it. Since 2007, our team have helped numerous businesses to flourish and grow into nationally recognised brands.

When working with our agency, clients know they’re getting a bespoke service that always puts them first. We aim to make your onboarding process as stress-free as possible, and in a few short steps, you could be on the way to securing your first influencer. 

Step One: Free Consultation

We offer every potential client a 100% free, no-obligation consultation so you can discuss your influencer marketing needs. Doing this allows us to learn more about you and find out how we can help you reach a wider audience.

Step Two: The Strategy

The best consumer brands have an effective strategy to ensure their brand message spreads to the right audience. As a leading influencer marketing agency, we have experience in defining the right strategy that will suit your brand and budget.

Our in house team will work with you to put a plan into place, and you can be as involved as you’d like. We never keep our clients in the dark, so we welcome you to provide input and ideas so we can meet your requirements.

Step Three: Execute The Influencer Campaign

Our outreach team knows how to use an influencer marketing platform to connect with the right people for your brand. We’ll reach out to influential people and make sure our content creators can provide support should we need it.

Once we find influencers and complete the contract management phase, your campaign will be underway.

Step Four: Report/Review

You’ll receive regular reports on our progress and key information about how your influencers are reaching your target audiences. Your dedicated account manager will go through the data with you, and we’ll discuss future influencer marketing strategies that might be beneficial.

Would You Like to Find Out More About Our Influencer Marketing Agency?

Our marketing agency can help you with all elements of your marketing campaign, and our full-service approach assures growth opportunities for all of our clients.

We’ll always go the extra mile and pride ourselves on delivering results that you can see.

Our clients range from sole traders to international companies, so we’re confident we can help you grow, scale and prosper.

If you’d like to find out about our influencer marketing campaigns, please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation. Our friendly team is on hand to offer advice, support and help you build a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is influencer marketing worth it?

People like to know that they’re investing in a product or service with a good reputation, and influencers can help you to position yourself in a positive light. They share your products, so their followers will be more likely to look at your website.

As with most other digital marketing agencies, we believe that influencers are essential for your brand to succeed – especially if you operate within the e-commerce industry.

Will influencer marketing offer results?

In most cases, influencer marketing will generate some form of results, even if it’s just brand awareness. But the secret to long-lasting success is finding influencers that match your company and budget.

As with many forms of marketing, your success depends on how well you strategise the campaign execution, but we can help with the preparation.

Why should I use an influencer agency?

Reaching out to influencers can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, our specialists already have established relationships with content creators in various niches and know how to make the right impression.

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