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When it comes to networking for B2B companies, no platform can compare to LinkedIn. The professional network has over 400 million active users throughout the world and a targeted advertising system.

People can also connect based on their profession, interests and location, which gives small businesses an excellent opportunity to connect with people interested in their service.

While many businesses often overlook LinkedIn, those who utilise its power notice higher levels of brand awareness, more engagement from other profiles and higher conversion rates.

If you want to take advantage of LinkedIn’s comprehensive advertising platform but don’t know where to start, Assertive has a team of digital marketing specialists that know how to use LinkedIn to maximise your ROI and drive significant growth.

Our team of multi-talented SEO strategists, marketing experts and content writers work together to deliver high-impact campaigns that put businesses on the map.

Social Media Case Study

One of our most recent marketing client case studies


Increase in

Organic traffic


Increase in


Warranty Direct

Assertive created a digital strategy for each marketing channel; SEO, PPC, SOCIAL and UX/UI channels that worked to improve digital performance across the board.

We were very pleased with Assertive’s performance throughout the duration of the campaign. They have demonstrated a strong fundamental understanding of our marketplace & have been able to turn that knowledge into results.

Client Name – Carolina Viola, Head of Marketing

Warranty Direct is a UK based warranty provider founded in 1997 by David & Duncan McClure. Warranty Direct offer comprehensive car warranty cover for a wide range of car manufacturers with flexible policy options & everything drivers need to keep their car running.

Why You Need Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn originally was an online network for job seekers to connect with businesses. But it’s grown significantly since 2002 and is now a hub for businesses to network, advertise and become industry authorities.

The platform offers so much functionality, and while Facebook focuses on social aspects, LinkedIn is all about professionalism and showcasing your skills and achievements.

You Can Connect With Businesses In Your Industry

LinkedIn has an advanced advertising platform, allowing you to target your ads to specific industries and locations, so it’s beneficial to connect with prominent companies. The sales process is often different for B2B companies because professionals are more likely to weigh up their decisions.

For example, if an e-commerce brand has a new product, it can use influencers to promote it and generate some sales. But, business owners want to make sure they’re making a suitable investment, which can often mean a lengthy decision-making process.

Advertising can speed up a potential clients decision and leads to more connections that might turn into long-term working relationships.

It's a Scalable Solution

Did you know that around 80% of all B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn? The social media advertising platform is quite simply the best way to grow your business, which is why so many companies use it.

Advertising on LinkedIn will at the very least create more awareness of your brand. Still, many companies also discover that LinkedIn marketing helps them grow and scale their network, leading to more success.

Targeted Advertising Gets You In Front Of The Right People

In its way, LinkedIn can be pretty clinical because it lets you target specific demographics, so your advertising campaigns reach the right people. Being able to pinpoint your target audience gives you complete control over who sees your ads and how much you spend.

If you operate within a niche industry, you can target individuals interested in your service or belong to groups that relate to your niche. Doing this enables you to increase your ROI and avoid spending money on unqualified leads.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Services Get Real Results

As a leading digital marketing agency in the UK, we work with businesses of all sizes to help them grow and find success. Our team collaborates on a range of projects, including SEO, content writing and social media marketing service.

Working with us means you get access to the best advertising services for your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Audience Targeting

The audience targeting tool on LinkedIn is ideal if you want to put yourself in front of business decision-makers, and our digital agency can use it to its maximum ability. Paid ads are only effective if you know where to place them, and we have extensive knowledge of demographics and what will work for your business.

Content Creation

One of the essential elements of creating an effective ad campaign is adding compelling content. While the targeting and placement are central to your success, if someone doesn’t appreciate the content, they won’t click on the advert.

We have a talented team of copywriters that specialise in lead generation. Whether it’s telling your story or using one sentence to drive more people through to your website, we’re confident in our writer and their abilities.


Your success on LinkedIn depends on how you use the data your ads generate to refine your strategy. We provide regular reports for our clients, so you can see what kind of impressions and engagements your ads are generating.

Providing content for professional audiences can be a daunting prospect, but we can help you position yourself as an industry authority with our social marketing insights.

Our SEO Brands

Why Choose Assertive Over Another LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

At Assertive, we have one rule and one mission. If you’re going to do something, do it better than anyone else and always put client satisfaction above everything else. We’ve built a reputable digital marketing agency over the years and have complete confidence in our team.

We’re A Proactive Team

The best LinkedIn marketing agencies focus on driving through results and making sure they understand everything there is to know about how people respond to your content.

We always perform in-depth analysis to make sure we’re up to date with current trends to match consumer demand.

Our strategists always look at your competitors so we can identify any caps missing in their advertising teams.

Our Team Works in Collaboration

We completely understand that you want the best service for your money, which is why we always make sure to think about your needs as a client.

Bespoke LinkedIn campaigns provide you with the best opportunity to reach your tarter audience.

With strategic marketing experts creative writers, your posts will hit the right spot and ooze with personality.

Results-Driven Approach

A central part of any LinkedIn marketing strategy is using data to gain valuable insights. Most people don’t get the results they’re looking for because they fail to track and measure vital metrics such as likes, comments, website visits and conversions.

We always use results-driven LinkedIn marketing, which enables us to execute impactive campaigns and make intelligent decisions based on the data each advert generates.

We’ve seen a strong growth in social media following & interaction since Assertive took over our social media posting & strategy.

– Jack Jones

The Four-Step Process to Winning LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

In just four simple steps, you could be on your way to gaining more followers and making a lasting impression on your audience. We don’t believe in red tape, so we will always go out of our way to ensure your social media strategy begins ASAP.

We understand that it’s frustrating to work with other digital marketing agencies that fail to maintain contact and leave you waiting for weeks. Our service offers convenience and a straightforward approach to social advertising.

Step One: Free Consultation

All of our potential clients get a 100% free, no-obligation consultation, so we encourage you to book a call with a dedicated account manager. We’ll discuss your social media management needs and tell you more about how we can help you succeed.

Step Two: The Strategy

If you decide you’d like to go ahead, we’ll do a full audit of your social media platforms to get an idea of your current followers, engagements and how you measure up against the competitors. Once we understand how to increase your brand awareness and connect with your target audience, we can develop a digital strategy.

Your advertising campaign will depend on numerous factors, including whether disruptive advertising, dynamic ads or targeted ads will be best to generate qualified leads. We’ll also look at your advertising budget and work with you to define KPI’s based on those factors.

Step Three: Implementation

Once you agree on a strategy, we’ll create your ads. While our strategists ensure your ads will reach the chosen target audiences, our writers will create relevant content to boost impressions and increase your organic traffic.

Step Four: Report/Review

Last but not least is the reporting and reviewing process. It allows us to see how well your ads are performing and if they’re generating leads. You’ll have full access to the reports, and we’ll go through the metrics to help you decide what to do in the future.

In some cases, we might need to make some changes that meet your business needs or choose another type of LinkedIn advertising, such as sponsored updates.

Winning With Social Networks Is Easy When You Choose Assertive

Assertive specialises in helping businesses reach their target customers and generate leads. 

We built our digital marketing agency based on dedication to helping our clients achieve their goals and our commitment to reputable marketing techniques.

With a range of services available, we’d love for you to learn about our LinkedIn social media marketing services and how they can help you turn a small business into a prominent brand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to arrange a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Assertive over other companies?

We specialise in disruptive advertising, which means we always make waves. Using a combination of strategic marketing and creative copywriting, we always deliver for our clients.

Do I really need to use a LinkedIn advertising agency?

If you’re a new business, getting decision-makers of large companies to trust your skills can be a daunting process. It’s not impossible, but many of our clients need support to navigate the LinkedIn platform and use its features, such as demographic targeting.

Will I get results?

We always go out of our way to ensure you achieve your desired growth, but your budget plays a significant role in securing the right advertising spot. If you have a small budget, we’ll do our best to find different ways to reach your target audience and are confident that our talented team will find the right solution.

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