How Long We’ve Been Around

Assertive (formerly Assertive Media) has been around since 2007 – the company’s name, brand and concept were developed in 2006.


We’ve been around more than 11 years

Assertive started its journey in 2006 before officially launching in February 2007.

Assertive was previously known as Assertive Media from 2007 to 2018. Our brand revamp in October 2018 saw our name change.

We were founded by 3 SEO specialists from large agencies

Assertive Media was founded by 3 SEO specialists who had each come from different large UK agencies including Big Mouth Media (LBI Digitas), Netizen Digital (Accord Marketing) and Intelligent Positioning.

The goal was to offer a cost-effective SEO solution combined with conversion optimisation (which was new at the time).

We’ve Survived Recessions & Grown Without Investment

We’ve survived the 2008 recession and subsequent economic downturn and have done so with no third party investment or shareholding. We’ve remained cash-rich and sustainable.

We’re one of less than 100 digital agencies in the UK established over 12 years with NO acquisition/capital injection.