Meet Our Experts

An agency is only as good as its people. Assertive prides itself on its fantastic team, many of whom have developed and grown with us over the years.

Daniel Carter (Foley)
Senior SEO
Carl Panepinto
Senior Account Manager
Hannah O'neill
SEO Copywriter
Mike Ruiz
Technical SEO Manager
George Hill
PPC Specialist
Nely Mihaylova
SEO Specialist / Link Outreach
Linda Parsons
Content Writer & Social Media Manager
Ankur Shah
Web Development Manager
Pradeep Koundal
SEO Executive
Ketan Svathara
Web Developer
Indra Bihola
Web Developer
Samantha Carter
Link Building Specialist
Mark Foley
General Project Management
Rishit Patel
Web Developer
Leah Andrews
Account Manager
Ivan Ivic
SEO Account Manager
Kelvin Graham
SEO Copy and Content Writer
Aly Johnson
Head of Content
Hassan Usmani
HARO & Featured Link Builder
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Senior SEO Account Manager
Holly Darani
Project Manager
Rafay Saleem
SEO Account Manager