What we do

Wondering what it is we do, exactly? Keep reading to find out all about our services!

What We Do at Assertive:

Digital Marketing

At Assertive, we provide our clients with an unmatched digital marketing service that increases their web traffic and revenue by increasing awareness, driving leads, and generating sales – all through the smart use of digital marketing.

Over the years, we’ve developed expertise in a range of digital marketing solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. From SEO and PPC campaigns to web development – we constantly keep track of the latest trends in the digital world to ensure that you’re able to take advantage of the latest digital marketing techniques as they become available.


We’re experts in SEO here at Assertive. From organic search engine optimisation to technical SEO and local SEO – we’re always up to date on all the best practices in the industry.

From expanding your existing keyword list to building links and blog posts that drive targeted visitors to your site, we’ll provide you with a complete package of SEO services to get your website and content ranking for the search terms that matter.



Is your business struggling to get that synergy between search and conversions? Our experience in successfully optimising paid search channels can help you achieve a higher return on investment for your advertising spend.

We can help you drive sales by getting your adverts in front of your target audience at the right time, giving you a sustainable source of traffic that brings in revenue every single day.


eCommerce SEO

At Assertive, we have marketing experts who are specifically trained in the intricacies of eCommerce sites.

We know what search terms your potential customers are using and where they’re coming from – so whether it’s writing product descriptions or implementing a product feed, we can help you get your products in front of more people.


Local SEO

At Assertive, we offer a complete solution to help you rank for local keywords and get found by more people in your area. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers with an enhanced digital presence close to home, or if you already have a brick and mortar business that needs more exposure – our local SEO services can help.


Web Development

Do you need new functionalities to be added to your website, or would you like to see what else is possible with it?

We can help you harness the potential of your website to drive your business forward. No matter what industry your company is in, we have expert web designers and developers on board to make sure you receive a bespoke web development service that meets all of your business goals.


Digital PR

Do you sometimes struggle to get your company and services in front of the right people? Or do you feel that you could benefit from a more effective way of promoting your brand online? We can help you build relationships and strong connections with the key players to give your company the exposure it deserves.

Our digital PR team will target the right kind of media outlets that your potential customers are reading, giving you more brand awareness and helping you to attract the right kinds of leads into your sales funnel.


Link Building

Do you need help with your online presence and the authority of your website? We can help you drive more traffic from high-quality links, both on domain and profile levels. Our SEO experts have extensive experience building links to websites of all kinds to improve your search engine rank positions.

Plus, we follow rigorous guidelines to ensure that the links we build are natural and safe for all search engines – giving you a sustainable source of traffic without compromising search engine rankings.


Technical SEO

At Assertive, we understand the importance of building (and maintaining) a search engine friendly site.

Our technical SEO services integrate a number of different areas to increase traffic and revenue for your online presence. Our team can help improve crawlability, indexation, and speed to ensure that search engines understand what’s on your website and can index it accurately.

This means that search engines are able to display your site the way you want it to be displayed – helping to generate more traffic and sales from organic searches.



Are you looking to improve conversions from your existing visitors or generate more traffic from new sources? We can help you get the most out of your website and its corresponding traffic with our CRO services.

Whether it’s a simple improvement that’ll give you a small lift in conversion rate or a large-scale overhaul that’ll give you a big boost in traffic – our team can help you generate more conversions (and sales) from your current online presence by improving your bounce rate, time spent on site and increase click-through rates – ultimately helping you attract the right kinds of traffic, and converting them into paying customers.


UX Optimisation

Are you looking for a more efficient way to attract and engage with your website visitors? If so, our UX optimization services could be the answer.

Our expert team can carry out a full usability review of your site – from home pages to landing pages, all the way down to individual product pages – giving you insight into what’s working and what could be improved.

The UX review will include an analysis of all user data – such as the number of clicks on specific elements, clicks on external links, and any text or images that need to be changed for a better reading experience – so you can benefit from an unbiased and accurate overview of how your site is performing.

And because the UX review includes an expert eye on the technical elements of your site, our team can also give you insight into how search engines interpret and understand your website – allowing you to make changes that improve not only user experience but your SEO performance too.